Troubleshooting Home Central Air Conditioner Problems in Peccole Ranch, NV

Your central heating and cooling system works to keep your home comfortable. It prevents your home from getting stuffy when the temperatures outside get hot. It can become very irritating and we can start to get a little cranky when it stops working the right way. Don’t assume that you need to call the professionals right away. There are issues that you can figure out without any training. The basic issues that typically create problems can be diagnosed without any special equipment and can be fixed by a homeowner.

HVAC Troubleshooting Flowchart

1. Dirty air conditioning filters. Even if you have the most expensive air conditioning system on the market, dirty filters can have a negative impact on the way it works. The most common issues with HVAC systems usually come from maintenance neglect. The number one issue is usually dirty air filters because they interfere with the airflow. Clean air filters allow better circulation through your home making it easier for your system to cool your house faster.
2. Correct thermostat settings. This one seems like a no brainer but many times problems with the HVAC system are related to thermostat settings. Incorrect thermostat settings will interfere with the way your system operates. Newer thermostats allow homeowners to set them to the homeowner needs. Make sure you know how to use it to ensure comfort.
3. Ignition problems. Pilot lights, igniters and other electrical components work to ignite your HVAC unit. If these aren’t working properly, they might need to be replaced. Try and determine which part is causing the problem. You will need professionals to replace the part, but your troubleshooting will save time and therefore money.
4. Uneven cooling. It can be frustrating when parts of your homes cool and others do not. The problems may not be with the unit, but with the sealing of the home. Old air can escape when your home isn’t sealed properly. Determine which room is stuffy and sealing it properly will most likely correct the problem. You will have more efficiency in the airflow through the home.
5. Normal wear and tear. It’s impossible to prevent normal wear and tear, even it’s taken care of properly with routine maintenance. When performance starts to diminish you can start to diagnose the problem. Have a professional take care of the issue to keep it working efficiently for as long as possible.
6. AC coil leaks. The coils in a HVAC system play a large part in how it works. When coils become corroded, they are at higher risk of breaking. You will need to call in the professionals.

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Proper maintenance is the best way to avoid problems and prevent headaches for you and those that live in your home. While many of these issues can be taken care of by a homeowner, others will require a call to professionals. Keep everyone comfortable and contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a repair or maintenance today!