Troubleshooting Furnace Problems in North Las Vegas, NV; Lack of Maintenance, Turns On But No Heat & More

Having your air conditioning or heating system fail when you need it most is a real inconvenience. We rely on our heating and cooling systems to keep our homes and families comfortable throughout the year. With yearly maintenance to your HVAC system, you can safeguard yourself against unexpected mechanical breakdowns throughout the season. There are a few common issues that plague furnaces. Most can be avoided, but some come with age in older units when the parts begin to break down. A furnace will make noise from time to time, such as during the powering on process or shutting down, but a furnace that makes strange sounds or is consistently noisy is abnormal. Following are some of the most common issues Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning find with furnaces.

Lack of Proper HVAC Maintenance

By having your unit regularly serviced by a licensed and experienced HVAC professional, you can lower your chances of a breakdown significantly. We have the expertise to diagnose when a part needs repair or replacing before it breaks down and causes further issues. Even more important, we can spot deadly issues such as a gas/carbon monoxide leak and fix the issue before anyone gets hurt.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Air Filter in House

Dirty or clogged filters stop the system from circulating air at a pace that will keep your system running smoothly. Not only will this spike your energy or gas bill, this causes your furnace to work twice as hard to perform its normal functions which will lead to a mechanical break down such as damage to the limit switch.

Thermostat Not Working Properly

While it may seem silly, it is a common issue to find improperly programmed thermostats. If your thermostat is programmed to be off during a certain time, the unit will shut down. Ensure your thermostat is turned on and programmed to be on for the desired time. Check the batteries in your thermostat as well, if the battery is low is can cause issues between communication from the thermostat to the furnace.

Furnace Turns On But No Heat

Several issues can cause this to happen, you will need the help of an HVAC professional to diagnose the issue. It could be your pilot light, power, gas or even thermostat setting.

Furnace Short Cycling

Frequent cycling could be triggered by reduced airflow, a clogged air filter, bad thermostat setting or other issues that should be diagnosed by an HVAC professional.

Furnace Making Loud Rumbling Noise

High pitched squeals coming from the furnace could indicate a slipped or frayed blower belt. A scraping sound could indicate worn out ball bearings that need to be replaced. Any rumbling, rattling, banging or other strange noises are not normal, you should turn your furnace off immediately and call in a professional to assess the situation before it gets worse and leads to more costly repairs.

Normal Furnace Wear & Tear

As with many older furnaces, sometimes parts have performed for their lifetime and it is simply time to replace the part or the unit altogether. Furnaces have an average lifespan of 15 years, if yours is around that age, an HVAC professional can honestly tell you whether or not it is time to replace the unit. Normal wear and tear can impede airflow, cause the furnace to overheat, or make it difficult to control the amount of heat entering the home or lack thereof.

Furnace Pilot Light Problems

If your pilot light is flickering or the color yellow, turn your unit off immediately and call your HVAC professional and get some help. This could be a sign of excess carbon monoxide in the system. A faulty ignition or pilot can signal thermocouple issues or clogs.

Furnace Blower Won’t Shut Off

This is likely caused by a faulty limit switch which will have to be replaced by a professional.

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