Troubleshooting Electrical Intermittent Pilot & Hot Surface Furnace Ignition Sensor Failures in Sun City Summerlin, NV

There are two major furnace fuel types. One uses gas and the other uses electricity. One major difference between an electric furnace and a gas furnace is that a gas furnace uses a pilot to start the heating process, while an electrical furnace has an ignition system. With an electrical furnace a number of problems can occur with the ignition system. Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating will share how to troubleshoot an electrical furnace ignition and when to seek professional assistance.

Intermittent Pilot & Hot Surface Ignition

There are two types of electrical furnace ignitions. One of them is the intermittent pilot. Do not get the intermittent pilot confused with a gas pilot light. They are different. The intermittent pilot uses an electrical spark to ignite the burner to begin the heating process. The second type of ignition system is the hot surface ignition which uses electricity to heat metal that will then ignite the burners.

Short Cycling, Bad Limit Switch, Furnace Blowing Warm Air, Not Hot & More

Some of the first common signs that there is a problem with an electrical furnace ignition is limited heating. Often the furnace will create heat but not like it normally would. When the heat seems limited, this is often a sign there is a problem with the ignition system. Another sign to watch for is frequently heating cycles. When the furnace seems to switch on more frequently than normal, this is the result of the limited heating. When the home has limited heating, the home will never reach the comfortable temperatures you want. Because the heating isn’t being effective, the furnace will run more often. The last common symptom of a failing ignition is an overactive blower. When the blower runs longer than usual it is because the limit switch that turns off the igniter isn’t communicating properly. The problem may be in the limit switch. However, if the igniter is running into problems then the igniter can keep the burners hot, which forces the blower to keep running.

What Can Cause a Furnace Ignition to Stop Working?

Recognizing there is a problem with the ignition system is important as it can run up your heating bill and or fail to heat the home. An electrical ignition system can develop a number of problems. One common problem with an ignition system is age. As the furnace ages, it will run through thousands of ignition cycles. Over time the igniter will wear down and eventually require replacement. A faulty temperature limiting switch can also cause the burners to become too hot which may cause the igniters to turn off early. Dirty or clogged air filters can also mess with the limiting switch which will affect the igniter as well. Sometimes to correct a heating issue is as simple as changing out dirty air filters. For those who may have attempted to replace your own igniter, should you have installed the wrong one, it can also affect your heating system. At times an igniter will burn out due to power surges or when the igniter gets too hot. When replacing the igniter, it is important to match the right voltage.

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