Troubleshooting AC Units in Henderson, NV; Why is My Central Air Conditioner Making Clicking Noises?

Air conditioning systems make noise, some that are normal and some that aren’t. You will hear the air conditioner humming or buzzing as it works to keep your home cool and the rattles and vibrations you hear might be the ductwork as air blows through the vents. These are normal sounds and shouldn’t concern you. If you hear sounds that you’re not used to, then you might have a problem. Abnormal sounds include banging, clanking and hissing sounds. You might need to call for service because some of these abnormal sounds could indicate a problem. The most common and troublesome sound you’ll hear coming from our AC is a clicking sound. This noise can mean that there might be an issue with several of your cooling system components. The only way you can be sure is to have professional come in for and inspection.

Why is My Central Air Conditioner Making a Clicking Noise After Shutoff or When Not Turning On

1. If you hear the clicking noise as the unit starts or stops it might be because of a loose fan or a relay switch that has gone bad. Sometimes when the fan gets loose, due to normal wear and tear or a lack of moisture, it can hit up against something in the condenser. This noise can happen as the unit starts or stops and can sometimes occur the whole time it’s running. Locate the fan on your unit to see if this is where the sound is coming from. If not, it’s most likely the relay causing the problem.
2. If you hear a steady clicking noise every 20 seconds or so and the unit won’t start at all, you might have a faulty control board, fan motor, capacitor or switch. You need to get a service call in right away because if there’s a delay in fixing this problem you might have to replace the entire unit.
3. If the system is running but you hear the clicking noise intermittently, you might have a thermostat that is malfunctioning. Thermostats will wear out over time and wires can get loose or short out. This will cause stress on your air conditioner as it works harder to keep up missed signals. Thermostats can be a simple fix but a professional can tell you exactly what is wrong to eliminate any potential damage that will happen by continuous running.
4. Ticking sounds can sometimes accompany the clicking noise. If you also hear a rattling and shuddering sound, you may have a problem with the compressor. If you don’t want to replace the entire unit you need to get a professional in to check it out. The compressor in the air conditioner unit is one of the major components. Don’t delay getting this looked at because any sounds coming from inside or outside the unit could be a sign of an impending breakdown.

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If you hear any sounds that you’re not used to when your air conditioner is running, call trained and certified HVAC professionals to diagnose the problem. They will make sure you have uninterrupted service through the summer. You can trust the professionals at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for help. Give us a call today!