Tips on Spring Energy Efficiency for Las Vegas NV Businesses & Homeowners; Staying Cool While Keeping Air Conditioning Bills Under Control

The spring months start to bring on warm temperatures, especially if you live in the natural dry and hot climates like the Las Vegas Valley desert! Wanting to keep your home comfortable during the warmer seasons can be difficult if you are on a budget.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to offer ome tips on keeping your home cool while keeping utility bills under control!

1. Utilizing your windows to keep cool air contained and prevent warm air from entering. For those that live in climates where the nights are cool, or are lucky to have temperatures drop every now and again, try opening a few windows to allow naturally cool air into your home. When you arise for the day, be sure to shut all the windows, let down the blinds, and close the curtains to trap the cool air in, and keep the daytime warm air out.
– On an additional note, you can find window coverings like blackout curtains for your windows to more effectively hinder warm air from entering your home during the day.
2. Thermostat operation can greatly impact your goals. If you do not own a programmable thermostat, it is highly recommended that you make the investment and install one. When temperatures are over 100 degrees outside, it is quite tempting to turn your home into an arctic paradise, but for the sake of your HVAC system and utility bill, keep the temperature as high as it is comfortable to you. Keeping the temperatures warmer in the home, but still cooler compared to the outdoors is highly beneficial to keeping the bills lower, and still preserving the proficiency of your HVAC system. A suggestive temperature for your home while you are occupying it is 78 degrees. For the times you are away, set your thermostat 8-10 degrees warmer than when you are home. For an added contribution, turn thermostat 5-7 degrees warmer when you are sleeping, or off when the window is open. Avoid the appealing thought that dropping the temperature extremely low will cool your home faster. Not only will this not work, but it will cause inflation in your energy bill, and put quite a bit of strain on your air conditioning unit, forcing it into early retirement or untimely repairs.
3. Install fans in every room of your home, or at least the most popular hangouts. Ceilings fans can help you raise the temperature 4 degrees in your home, but still have the effect of cooling it off 6-8 degrees. Keep the ceiling off when the room is not being occupied. Ceiling fans are engineered to produce a breeze on people. Switching them off when no one is there can help conserve energy.
4. Maintenance for your home. Inspect your home and seal up any holes or cracks. Install weather stripping on windows or doors with a fresh application of caulk if needed. Hedge back the vegetation that might be encroaching on your air conditioning unit. Be sure o remove any dirt or debris building up around it as well. Be sure air filters are cleaned or replaced as needed.
5. Professional HVAC maintenance. Have your local specialist conduct an inspection, maintenance and a tune up at the start of warm weather. Keeping your system fully maintained by a pro can minimize major malfunctions, and keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

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