Tips for Air Conditioning Efficiency in North Las Vegas, NV; Maintain AC Unit & More

During the hot summer months, air conditioning is a crucial part of making a home comfortable. However, many homeowners are not maximizing the potential of their air conditioning systems, which can lead to higher energy bills and less comfort. Today, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some tips to help you maximize the air conditioning in your home.

How to Increase Efficiency of Air Conditioning System

1) Maintain Your AC Unit: Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring that your air conditioning system operates at peak efficiency. This includes cleaning or replacing the air filter, checking the refrigerant level, and cleaning the condenser coils. A well-maintained AC unit will not only keep your home cooler but also reduce energy costs.
2) Use a Programmable Thermostat: A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home according to your schedule. This means that you can set the temperature higher when you’re not home and lower when you are. This can save you money on your energy bills and help to extend the life of your air conditioning system.
3) Seal Your Home: To maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system, it’s essential to keep cool air inside your home. Make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed and consider adding insulation to your walls and attic. This will help to prevent cool air from escaping and keep your home comfortable.
4) Invest in Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans can help to circulate cool air throughout your home, reducing the workload on your air conditioning system. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise during the summer months, which will push cool air down and create a wind-chill effect, making you feel cooler.
5) Close Blinds and Curtains: Sunlight can quickly heat up a room, so it’s essential to keep blinds and curtains closed during the hottest parts of the day. This will help to keep your home cooler and reduce the workload on your air conditioning system.
6) Use a Humidifier / Dehumidifier: High humidity levels can make your home feel warmer than it actually is. By using a dehumidifier, you can reduce the amount of moisture in the air, which will make your home feel cooler and more comfortable. Too little humidity can create uncomfortable environments.
7) Limit Heat-Producing Activities: Certain activities, such as cooking, showering, and using electronics, can produce heat and humidity in your home. To reduce the workload on your air conditioning system, limit these activities or try to do them during the cooler parts of the day.
8) Use Zone Cooling: If you have a larger home, consider using zone cooling. This involves installing multiple thermostats throughout your home, each controlling a specific area or zone. This can help to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system by allowing you to cool only the areas that are in use.

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By following these tips, you can maximize the potential of your air conditioning system, reduce energy costs, and enjoy a more comfortable home during the hot summer months. When your air conditioning needs a professional’s hand in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and let us assist you!