Symptoms of a Dirty Flame Sensor in Anthem, NV; Furnace Turns Off After a Few Seconds & More

When your furnace is experiencing short cycle problems, know that this major problem can be due to one of the smallest components in the entire heating system. A furnace has a component called the flame sensor. This small component can have a big effect on the furnace. When you have a furnace that will start up only to quickly shut down, it may all be due to the flame sensor. To better understand how the flame sensor can affect your furnace, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what this component does and help you restore your home’s heating system.

What Does a Furnace Flame Sensor Do?

A furnace’s flame sensor is a small metallic rod that is located on the burners. This small and tiny rod can have a major effect on the entire heating system. The flame sensor is bent and sits in front of the pilot flame. When the thermostat triggers a heating cycle, a gas or fuel valve will open and supply the fuel to the combustion chamber which in turn lights the igniter or the pilot light. A furnace will have either a pilot light or an ignitor to light the furnace’s burners. The lighting process of the burner starts at the flame sensor. The flame sensor is the furnace’s safety system. It is designed to detect the flame so when the gas valve opens, the flame burns the fuel to light up the burner. If there is no flame present, the gas will leak out into the home and lead to a potential fire hazard. This is where the flame sensor comes into play. If there is no flame present, the flame sensor will detect it and shut off or stop the heating cycle. The flame sensor is an essential part of the furnace’s heating system. However, if the flame sensor develops a problem then it will prevent the furnace from starting a heating cycle.

Symptoms of a Dirty Flame Sensor

When there is a problem with the flame sensor it is usually one of two problems. The first problem is that the flame sensor somehow got moved out of place and is not in the correct position to detect the flame. Another common problem is that the flame sensor can become dirty and or corroded. When a flame sensor is dirty or out of place, usually what happens is that the furnace will click on to start but then quickly shut off. This is the flame sensor simply doing its job to protect the home from gas poisoning or potential fire hazard. In such a case, the furnace will fail to start. When your furnace fails to start up you will want to check the flame sensor or see if there is a flame present. If there is no flame present, your flame sensor is doing its job and protecting your home. You will need to relight the flame to restore your furnace. If there is a flame, check your flame sensor and see if it is dirty and or in the correct position.

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Correcting the flame sensor position must be exact. If you do not feel up to the task of cleaning or correctly positioning your flame sensor, seek professional HVAC services. For quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.