Symptoms of a Bad AC Compressor in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Age, Decline in Indoor Air Quality & More

Living in the Vegas Desert requires an air conditioner for survival. With the rise in temperatures during the summer months, we need an air conditioner to maintain the comfort indoors. With time and use, like most things, the air conditioner eventually runs its course. Depending on the quality of the manufacturing, owner care, and professional maintenance scheduled throughout the life, dictates if the conditioning unit will last to the projected lifespan or even more. Being that the air conditioner replacement can be a sizable investment, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share a few signs the air conditioner is nearing the end of the line.

Higher Air Conditioning Operating Costs

As the years pass, air conditioners will lose some of their overall efficiency. Generally, more noticeable towards the end of the life, the unit will cost more to run and with extra wear and tear, repair costs will go up. With the especially high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating in modern units, air conditioners over 10 years cannot compare, making outdated models an energy efficiency loss. Should all other potential causes be ruled out when you notice abnormal spikes in the energy bill, an aging air conditioner is the likely suspect. Contact your HVAC contractor and ask for an inspection on your unit to see if the unit will last you another season or two. Knowing in advance can help you better save and budget an air conditioner unit that is well-made, has an excellent SEER, and requires simple maintenance. If the evaluation proves the unit to rapidly decline, the contractor can help you find one that fits your current budget.

Decline in Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

Performance is another indicator the air conditioner is failing. Where it more obvious for the unit not delivering cool, consistent air, the humidity might be more subtle. The function of your unit is not up to par with its operational standards, suggesting the air conditioner is coming to the end of its lifespan. When the air conditioner’s performance is slipping, it will have difficulty maintaining preferred indoor temperatures and regulating the humidity levels. If the space feels cool but clammy, the coils are worn. Also, the coils can demonstrate signs of mold or have frozen over.

Central Air Conditioner Age

Air conditioners commonly last between 10 and 15 years, and if your unit is around this age, experts agree it is a wiser solution to invest in a new, upgraded model as opposed to throwing money into repairs, especially if the repairs are happening more often. Wondering when the system will permanently fail is a lot more stressful than expecting and being more prepared for it. To potentially increase the unit’s longevity, but to ensure it lasts to the expected life, routinely scheduled maintenance and owner care is essential. To learn the unit’s age if you are sure, note the model and serial number and look it up online, or contact the manufacturer.

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