Spring Preventive AC Tune Up Maintenance Checklist in Seven Hills, NV; Exterior Condenser Inspection & More

There is much to do for your home as spring approaches and a Vegas desert spring doesn’t last long. Getting your home ready for the onslaught of the heat is imperative you intend to survive. A major part of preparing for the hot months is getting your air conditioning ready with the maintenance you can do for your HVAC system. In addition to professional assistance, you can do your own maintenance to improve the energy consumption and overall efficiency of your system. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some suggestions on how to do some of that maintenance specific to your air conditioner.

Spring Tune Up Maintenance Checklist

1) Remove the AC condenser cover. Take of the cover off of the outdoor air conditioning unit if applicable; these covers are used to protect and insulate your unit during the off-season. Starting the unit while they are still in place could cause it to overheat.
2) Exterior AC unit inspection. Enduring through the brunt force of the winter months, the unit in hibernation mode has a buildup of dirt, leaves, sticks and other manner of debris. Wipe down the panels of the dust and particulates and complete remove any debris. If any panels are missing, you will want to contact a professional for replacements.
3) Pipe insulation. The suction line, or the large copper pipe, contributes to the supply of cool refrigerant back to the compressor to the exterior unit. The necessary coolant won’t reach its destination in the event that the insulation has become deteriorated or damaged during the off season, resulting in a malfunction or a loss of energy of the unit. If the insulation is not up to par, be sure to get your professional to make the proper adjustments. If you do it yourself do not insulate the smaller copper pipes, only the larger copper lines need insulation.
4) Outer coils. The coils will also accumulate a lot of dirt and debris during the off-season. Any buildup of debris is hindering the process of the condenser coils efficiency to transfer heat. Remove any built up clutter, vegetation, and especially dirt and other manners of debris to ensure the efficiency of your unit.
5) Air filters. Inspect the interior air filters monthly and change them as frequently as needed. Such factors like number of occupants, the number of indoor pets, if there are smokers smoking in the home, plant life and dust control, and son can impact the frequency. Generally, air filters need to be replaced as early as every 30 days or at most, every 90 days. Checking them monthly will ensure they do not get over encumbered.
6) Vents and grills. Dust and other such particle containments are attracted to the vents and grills. To ensure efficient airflow through the vents, frequently clean them and keep obstructions from blocking the grills and vents.
7) Test run. It is optimal to run your unit for about 10 – 20 minutes to make sure cool air is flowing, and everything appears to be running sufficiently before the temperatures indicate the need for constant air conditioning. If there seems to be an issue, you can have the professionals make the repairs before you rely on the unit and the rush.
8) Professional AC services. Invest in professional inspection, maintenance, and/or tune-up services prior to needing the air conditioning.

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