Spring Central Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas NV to Help Avoid Emergency A/C Repairs & Early AC Unit Replacement!

Spring time holds many anticipations of warm weather activities. Outdoor fun, spring time vegetation becoming green and blossoming etc. But, there is a responsible side of spring. Many folks conduct yearly spring cleaning and some other home improvement tasks. Part of those home improvement tasks should include overall HVAC system spring maintenance. Doing so will help conserve energy, better preserve furnace and air conditioning units, reduce utility bills and improve air quality.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate a few HVAC maintenance tips you can do on your own!

1. Invest in the more recently developed high-efficiency pleated filters. They are engineered with an electrostatic charge that is designed to work as a magnet to draw in and trap the tiniest of particles that can be known to carry bacteria.
2. A filter needs to be replaced a minimum of every 90 days, however, in a household with a handful of residence, and pet occupants, along with smokers, it is best to check on them once a month, and if needed replace.
3. Inspect your outdoor air conditioning unit. Make sure to periodically remove any debris or vegetation that might be encroaching on it. Ensure there is at least 2 feet of clearance between your unit and the heat pumps of any piles of material or structures.
4. Check the refrigerant lines leading to your home. They need to sufficiently insulate. If the insulation is deteriorating or is missing, be sure to replace the insulation.
5. Be sure to replace the batteries once a year or as often as needed on the thermostat and carbon monoxide detector.
6. Programmable thermostats need adjustments for the increased temperatures.
7. Check your home for gaps, cracks, and holes. When checking the windows and doors, inspect the weather stripping, after time, they need replacing, especially in dry climates. Seal up any other cracks or gaps or holes. A good place to start is the service pipes.
8. Hire a professional to perform maintenance and tune ups on your furnace. When the weather permits continuous warmer temperatures, your furnace will not be in use. It is a smart investment to have a professional conduct an inspection to make sure all moving parts are clean and in working order to reduce the chances of major malfunction down the line.
9. Hire a professional to conduct an air conditioning unit spring tune up. Your air conditioning unit has been lying in dormant for the off season. When the air conditioning doesn’t run, the more dust, dirt and debris gets a chance to settle. Parts can deteriorate, and running the unit under these circumstances can cause some costly repairs, or even replacements. To be sure your air conditioning unit is running at high quality efficiency, let the experts care for your unit.

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Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has the best technicians in the business. With our masterfully trained specialist applying their skill and knowledge, utilizing superior equipment, you can rest easy in getting your HVAC on track this spring in preparation for the blazing Las Vegas summer ahead!