Spring Furnace Care in Henderson, NV; Avoid Turning On in Warm Weather & More

While spring is less than a month away, your Las Vegas air conditioning unit is about to get to work. Ensuring that your unit functions properly is essential to a cool summer retreat inside your home. The thought of summer often brings plans of swimming, barbecues and family vacations. The last thing on home owners’ minds is if their furnace is in need of any maintenance. However, when that first cool night in September approaches and your heater fails to operate, you may feel regret in neglecting any tune ups that may have been needed. The summer is a great time to take a look at your heating system, making sure any fixes can be taken care of well before the cool temperatures come back. The simple task of regular furnace checkups will save you a headache and costly repairs in the future.

Furnace – not a Storage Structure

A common mistake people often make during the summer is to store boxes and other miscellaneous items around their furnace, thinking because the furnace isn’t running for the next few months, there isn’t any harm is piling thing on or around it. The risk of using your furnace as a storage structure is that it is now vulnerable to dirt or dust that will begin to pile up on the boxes or bins that you have stacked around or on top of it. If dust or dirt finds its way into your furnace, the motor or heat exchangers can be damaged. Allergens can be blown through the fans of your home when you do eventually crank the heater on for the first time of the cold weather season. It is important to keep your furnace and the area around your furnace clean from dirt and dust during the summer. Occasionally vacuum and dust to ensure that your furnace is staying as clean as possible.

Avoid Turning on your Furnace in the Summer Season

To prevent any serious damage to your furnace during the summer, avoid turning it on during these heat filled days. The purpose of a properly functioning furnace is to suck in cooler air and blow out warmer air. If a furnace immediately is forced to suck in hot air, this will put the heat exchanger at risk of overheating, and this will cause serious damage to your furnace. Some homeowners tape over their “warm” air switch during the summer just to keep from making the mistake of accidentally turning on the heater.

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Calling a furnace professional and having your furnace properly serviced at the end of winter is an excellent way to be sure your furnace will indeed function to its full capacity and keep you warm during the next cold season. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to service your furnace and keep it running strong.