Solutions to Common AC Problems in Spring Valley, NV; Air Conditioner Not Cooling Well or Working & More

One of the latest spring problems many homeowners find is when they turn on their air conditioning. After your air conditioner has sat all winter season long it can develop a few minor problems. It’s during late spring and early summer when Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning begins hearing the same complaint from many of the same homeowners. Today Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of these common complaints and answer why they may happen and the easy remedy for some of these common problems.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Well Enough

There are a number of minor to severe causes as to why your home air conditioning system may not be cooling down the inside your home well enough. In most cases it is due to neglect. HVAC systems should have maintenance or tune up services once to twice a year for efficient operation. As the air conditioning unit runs it causes a lot of vibration which shifts the various component s of the air conditioning. After the air conditioning unit has been serviced, each component is inspected, retightened, lubricated, and cleaned which aids in better function. Another cause of inefficient cooling may be due to low refrigerant levels which can be caused by wrong pressure settings, or low coolant levels due to a leak. Again when your air conditioning system has a spring service, the technician checks the refrigerant and if it’s low, it will be refilled. The technician searches for signs of leaks which if found are typically easily repaired.

My AC Isn’t Cold or Working

When a homeowner complains about their air conditioner not being strong enough they’re usually indicating that the air flow isn’t blowing strong enough or not at all. If your home isn’t cooling down put your hand in front of the of the air duct exhaust vents throughout the entire home and see if you feel the air flow. A single or a section of the home not receiving air could be due to a leak in the air ducts. Many air ducts have sections that are held together with either tape or an adhesive at the joints. Sometimes the joint separates and causes leaks and one or an entire section of the home doesn’t get air. Another common problem that affects your home in the same way is if there is a blockage or obstruction in your air duct. If the entire home isn’t receiving any air it can also be due to a bad or broken blower. The blower circulates the cooled air throughout the home, when the blower breaks down it often needs to be replaced.

My Electric Bill is Outrageous

Most homeowners will notice their power bill is much higher than last year. Your power bill is a great indicator that there is a problem with your home air conditioner. If your home is still cool but costing you way more money, than basically your unit is working harder and longer to manage your home’s desired temperature. This can be due to a number of problems such as dirty air filters or coils, poor insulation, or poor maintenance. Filters need to be checked at least every three months or even every month if needed. Change it if it’s dirty. When your home insulation ages it decays and eventually you will need new insulation. This problem mostly occurs in very old homes. Again neglect and will wear down your air conditioner. By having your unit serviced it can help maintain proper and efficient function.

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If you have the same common complaints you’re not alone. Many homeowners suffer from these same common air conditioning problems. If you have air conditioning complaints, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today to solve them!