Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs Replacing in Sunrise Manor, NV; AC Not Cooling, Inefficient & More

No one is ever ecstatic over shelling out some hard earned money to replace the air conditioner unit. Where buying a new unit indicates a small investment, many homeowners will try to make the air conditioner last until its last breath. Instead of continuing to flood money into an air conditioner that is going to die anyway, recognizing the signs that resuscitating the air conditioner is a wasted effort can help you save money in the long run. With that in mind, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to relate the most recognizable signs that your air conditioner needs to retire and a new one is the wiser choice.

Signs Your AC is Going Out & Needs Replacement

1) Air conditioner is old. A well-maintained and high-quality air conditioner can last about 15 years. Once your air conditioner is over 10 years old you should keep an eye out for other warning signs of its impending failure. If the air conditioner is over 10 years old, you do not want to pour money into anything besides basic maintenance services, if it needs major repairs or other attention, a replacement might be the better investment. Also consider the evolution in just a decade of air conditioner units and the advancement in cooling capabilities and efficiency among other beneficial features.
2) Inefficient air conditioner unit. Air conditioners with a low SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) cost more in operating costs. Newly manufactured units are regulated to have nothing below a 13 SEER so if your unit is lower than a 13, you are spending more on energy costs and can see a return with a year or 2 by investing in a more efficient air conditioner.
3) Expensive AC repairs have risen. Expensive repairs are an indication that the unit will not last more than a year or two at best. If the air conditioner is requiring major and costly repairs, and especially if there are other warning signs present, replacing the unit is your better option.
4) AC breaking down frequently. If the air conditioner is frequently experiencing problems requiring professional repairs every month or so, even if they are not necessarily expensive repairs, this is not only adding up to the overall cost to keep it running but is suggesting the unit is failing and will eventually not be repairable. If in a season you have needed 3 more repairs, consider replacing your unit for more financial sense and to spare you headache of dealing with a unit on its last leg.
5) Air conditioner requires R22 Freon. Freon is being phased out to conserve energy. Eventually the R22 will not be available at all and as it is now, it is difficult to acquire and expensive to recharge units that require it. If your unit is experiencing a refrigerant leak and the unit requires R22, replacing the unit now is definitely worth the cost.
6) Home can never reach comfortable and consistent temperatures. In the event you are having a hard time keeping your home cool on a daily basis, your air conditioner unit is likely the wrong size. Units are not a one size fits all and there is a mathematic equation that will dictate the correct size. Additionally, a properly sized air conditioner that is not maintaining cool temperature is typically due to age and will need replacing.

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