Signs of Refrigerant Leaks in Summerlin South, NV; AC Making Loud Sounds, High Cooling Bills & More

Do you ever question if your AC is running well? Your air is blowing but is your AC working its best? The AC can be a very complicated system, one that many people don’t know a lot about. They know how to turn it on and off and if it is blowing the air out cold or not. But are you hearing any weird sounds or noticing crazy high bills. This could be because you have a refrigerant leak and do not even know it. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you know the signs of a refrigerant leak so that when it happens you know that you need to call a professional to come and fix your AC before the problem gets worse.

Why is My Air Blowing but Not Cold?

Your AC is supposed to blow cold air so when it is not, you know there is a problem. When you come home from work or you wake up in the morning and you noticed that your AC is not blowing the cold air through the vents as it should be. That is a good sign that you could have a refrigerant leak. If your refrigerant is leaking it becomes harder for it to do its job. Because of this, your AC may not reach the temperature that you set your thermostat to.

AC Making Loud Sounds

When your AC is running great you should not be hearing any loud or strange noises. If you are hearing sounds such as a bubbling or hissing sound this could be because you have a refrigerant leak. A hissing sound comes because gas is escaping from one of the refrigerant lines. If you are hearing a bubbling sound this happens when air bubbles get into refrigerant lines. If either one of these sounds is coming from your AC you need to call a professional to come and get it fixed. If you let it go, it can make things worse for your AC.

High Cooling Bills

Energy bills can often seem like they are very high, especially in the summer. But if you have noticed that in the last few months your energy bill has gotten extremely high this could be because you have a refrigerant leak. When you have a refrigerant leak this makes your AC less efficient. Meaning your AC has to work extra hard to get you the air that you were hoping for. When your AC has to work harder than it needs to be then your energy bill will start to rise. Giving you that super high bill.

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Don’t let a refrigerant leak be the problem with why your AC is not working properly. And don’t let it be the problem why your AC becomes worse and needs a bigger repair. If you have noticed any of these signs of a refrigerant leak then give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We can always come out to make sure that your AC is running properly and do a tune-up.