Signs of Leaking Air Ducts, Where Leaky Ductwork Occurs & How to Repair Duct Leakage in Spring Valley, NV

Is there a silent parasite draining your wallet? Many homeowners never know when there is an air duct leak and that slowly over time, energy is wasted, costing the homeowner hundreds of dollars. Air duct leaks can easily go unnoticed for years. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the problems associated with air duct leaks, where they occur, and what signs to look for if you have a leak.

Repair for Leaking Air Ducts

One of the lead complaints about leaky air ducts is poor efficiency. Much of the heated or cooled air simply flows out of the leak and doesn’t go into the home. Homeowners may increase their indoor temperature setting simply to get better results. However, this will send your cooling and heating bill through the roof. Not only are you increasing your utility bills, you are putting additional stress on the heating or cooling system. When there is a leak pests, dust and other particles also enter the air duct system contaminating the inside of the home.

Where Leaky Air Ducts Occur

Air duct leaks can happen throughout the ductwork. However, it is most common at connection points. Air ducts are made of smaller pieces sealed together. At each connection point, the duct can potentially detach. Other points where the ductwork connects are at the vents and air registers as well as the heat and cooling system. Even a small split can result in the loss of 30% of your air.

Signs of Air Duct Leakage

The air duct system will give some clues that there is a leak. However, the homeowners need to be looking for them. One of the common signs there is a leak is poor comfort. If a room(s) is having a hard time cooling or heating, this can be due to a leak in the air duct. However, it could mean other problems as well. The poor comfort due to a leak is because the air is not reaching its destination. Where there is poor comfort there will probably be a higher utility bill. Another sign is poor air quality. When there is a leak in the ductwork, contaminates can get inside the air ducts and spread throughout the home. If you find your indoor allergies are kicking up this could be due to a leak. Another byproduct of poor air quality is dust. Dust gets inside the air and then spreads throughout the home. For those who find they are constantly dusting their home, it can because of a leak. Backdraft is another sign of a leak and they can be hazardous. Backdrafts reduce the quality of the air and allows fumes from the heating system to flow through the air ducts and into your home. Unfortunately, many of the fumes are odorless, so make sure to pay attention to your air duct system for other signs of a leak.

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