Signs of Improper Duct Installation in Silverado Ranch, NV; Leaking Air Ducts, Hot or Cold Spots & More

The air duct is an essential piece of the entire HVAC system, which depends on the air ducts to circulate the conditioned air throughout the entire home or building. When the air ducts are designed or installed poorly, the air flow won’t circulate correctly and. In turn, it will cause poor efficiency and lack of air flow. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share a few signs of poor air duct installation.

Leaking Air Duct

Energy Star reports that about 20% of conditioned air is lost due to air duct leaks. Air duct leaks can occur over time as the sealer will wear out and the connection separates. Older air ducts can also develop small holes over time which air can escape through. However, newer air ducts can leak due to poor installation. Air ducts can leak if the air ducts are not tightly connected or sealed. The air pressure can suck in dirty air and blow it throughout the home. If the connections are not sealed properly, the air will leak out. Major signs of air leaks can be poor air flow as well as a dusty house or building, due to the dust coming in from the cracks. Other signs that you may have a leak in the air ducts is a higher energy bill or certain areas inside your home don’t cool or heat up like the rest of the home. If you have any one of these common signs, have your air ducts inspected.

Hot or Cold Spots in Home

Air ducts use a number of different materials. Most often there are the flexible air duct or the solid steel air duct systems. Residential homes most often use the flexible air duct system since they are easier to install and feed air into smaller, tighter spaces. However, often if not installed correctly, the flexible air ducts can kink up and restrict the air flow. This can create hot or cold spots in certain areas. If you have poor air flow or these hot or cold spots, it can indicate there is a kink in the air ducts. Again have your air ducts inspect by a professional HVAC technician to determine if there is a problem with the air duct design and if there is a kink in the system.

Regular Air Duct Maintenance & Inspection

When troubleshooting a problem within your home’s air duct system, first make sure you have kept up on proper maintenance. Change out the air filters regularly to improve air flow. Air ducts should also be inspected when the HVAC system is being serviced. It is recommended you have your air conditioner serviced in early spring and the heating system serviced in early fall. The air ducts should be inspected at least once during one of these annual HVAC tune-ups. By having the air ducts inspected at least once a year, you can help prevent air duct flaws or failure. During an air duct inspection the air ducts can be evaluated for proper installation and design.

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