Signs of Furnace Problems & Failure in Las Vegas NV; Age, Rising Costs, Loud Noises & More

It’s the middle of winter and escaping the cold temperatures that are outside is a luxury and convenience that our home furnaces provide. The heater for your home provides great comfort, especially on those days where the wind is blowing and the rain is falling on top of already freezing temperatures. Most of us take our furnace for granted until something happens where it is unable to produce the results we desire. A cold night in January with a failed furnace is no time to inspect your unit, so while your furnace is still working properly take the appropriate steps to inspect it so it continues to work throughout the year. There are specific signs to look for that will alert you there is an issue with your furnace.

Age & Stage of Life Expectancy of Furnace Affect Performance

It is important for homeowners to become familiar with all of the appliances in their home and exactly how old they are. The average life expectancy of a home furnace is anywhere from sixteen to twenty years. If you purchased an older home, chances are the original furnace is the one you are relying on. If the furnace in your home is close to falling into the sixteen to twenty year expectancy, then it is time to start shopping for a new furnace!

Rising Gas or Electric Costs on your Utility Bills due to Heating

Another sign that your furnace may not be working properly or is close to on its way out is if your utility bill suddenly begins to increase without you making any large adjustments on your thermostat. Furnaces tend to lose their efficiency the older they get, especially if they have not been regularly maintained. Your furnace may begin to run longer only to provide the same amount of heat, but it must work harder to do so. This will directly affect the amount of your power bill, so it is important to pay attention to what you are paying each month, and if it begins to vary drastically, it may be time to replace your furnace.

High Pitch Banging, Rattling or Knocking Noises from Furnace

If your furnace is making strange noises, chances are it is time to purchase a new one. Furnaces tend to make loud banging noises or other strange sounds when they are on their way out. If you notice banging, rattling, squeaking or popping sounds coming from your furnace, it is time or a new replacement. If you hear the blower of your furnace blowing constantly or blowing cool air rather than warm air, that is a strong sign that your home is ready for a new furnace. The best way to see if you do need a new furnace is to have a professional come and inspect your existing one.

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