Signs of a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Summerlin South, NV; Poor Airflow, High Electric Bill & More

A furnace uses a blower to help circulate all of the warm air throughout a home or building. The blower is an essential component that works harder than most other components. It is common that a blower and motor will need to be replaced during some point in the life of the furnace. Usually a blower can last 10 years but it will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will list the common signs that your blower is failing and will need to be replaced soon.

Why are My Vents Barely Blowing Air?

One of the more obvious signs that your blower is running down is when the airflow becomes very weak. When you can no longer feel the warm air blowing out through the vents this is the fault of the blower. However, the blower may be clogged and need to be cleaned. If the blower has a belt driven motor the belt may be broken or loose and needs to be replaced. Even though weak airflow can be due to another problems, it is always a common sign the blower is worn down and is needing to be replaced soon. When you have weak airflow be prepared for this possibility.

Poor Airflow

When all airflow has been lost, this means the blower has completely stopped working. Like weak airflow, a failed blower can be a result of other problems. There may be a bad relay, or the thermostat may be faulty. To determine why there is no airflow the reason will need to be investigated. However, if the furnace is on the older side there is a high chance the motor has failed and needs to be replaced.

High Electric Bill

Even a gas furnace will use electricity to power the blower. For those with a gas furnace you will quickly notice a higher power bill in winter. When you have a higher power bill in winter this is a sign that your blower motor is working harder. It may be working hard because it is clogged and or dirty and only needs to be cleaned. When you have a high energy bill have the blower checked and possibly replaced.

What Does a Bad Blower Motor Sound Like?

When you are hearing a loud squealing or screeching noise coming from your furnace, this is your blower’s motor. When the blower motor is making a lot of horrendous noises the blower motor is grinding and breaking down so fast you can hear it. Once your blower motor begins making loud noises it is most likely broken and needs to be replaced.

Overheating Blower Motor

When your blower motor keeps overheating, you will notice a burning smell and eventually the blower will stop working. The blower may shut itself down to prevent further damage if it keeps running hot. However, a blower motor should not be overheating as cycles do not tend to last more than 15 minutes at a time. If you have an older furnace, the overheating is most likely due to age and needs to be replaced.

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