Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner when Going on Vacation, After a Flood & More in Providence, NV

The summer weather brings out a lot of different changes in people’s lives in the way that we dress, live and spend our time. The weather is nice and warm and even quite hot and uncomfortable. This is why you want to keep your house comfortable and cooled off so you can enjoy it and cool off. The air conditioner is a huge part of the way that we all survive through the summer. It is also the largest working appliance and uses up a big part of the energy that is consumed. There are some times that people are not sure if they should power off the air conditioner unit or not. You can turn off the unit at the thermostat or you can stop the current that is coming from the breaker box. You can flip the circuit and that will ensure that no power at all is getting to the unit. Powering off the unit is not always the best thing but sometimes can be necessary. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you need to know about powering off your AC.

Should You Unplug the AC when Going on Vacation?

The summer tends to mean you are ready to take on a vacation or road trip. Most people tend to take a trip in the summer and the dilemma is what to do about the air conditioner. The air conditioner should be cooling your house but if you are not going to be in the house should you shut the AC off? This is the question and the real answer is that no you should not. The air conditioner works to keep your home at a particular temperature that you choose and set your thermostat to. If you choose to go out of town and shut off the air conditioner the house will become hot. It can get as hot as it is outdoors and when you arrive home you have to adjust to that. When you turn that AC back on it will have to work overtime to try and catch back up. This can take a lot of time and will use up a tremendous amount of energy. The best advise is to change it by two degrees when you leave so that it runs less often but is still not far off when you arrive home.

Should You Turn Off Air Conditioner After a Flood if Condenser is Submerged in Water?

During the summer months many areas also are in the middle of the monsoon season. The monsoon season is when the weather can take a turn and moisture will start to be a problem. A summer storm that send rains flooding around your house can be a problem. If you are in an area that is flooding and you know that water is around the unit it can be a good idea to shut the power off. Although the unit can stand up against rain it can be a problem if there is a flood that is submerging any area of the unit outdoors.

Is Turning Off AC on a Cold Day Bad?

It seems like there can be a random day in the summer that the weather can cool way off. This can be from a system that moves through but can cool the weather down for a few days. Some people enjoy and choose to shut off the unit. This is not a good idea because it is never certain when the weather shifts back. You want to leave it on and adjust the temperature a few degrees if you want to. Leave the unit running so that it can keep up when the weather does make a change.

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