Should I Turn My AC Off or Temperature Down when Not at Home in Summerlin, NV?

Finding ways to keep yourself cool is often a high priority when you live in Las Vegas, NV. With temperatures threatening to get up into the triple digits already, homeowners are starting to think of ways that they can stay cool and stay within a budget this summer as well. When you spend a great deal of the day outside of your home, it can leave a homeowner wondering if it is more cost effective to turn off the AC when they aren’t home. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about what you should do when you leave your home to save the most money on your energy bill each month.

Why You Should Never Turn Off Your AC During Hot Weather

As tempting as it might sound to turn off your AC when you leave in the morning for work, you should avoid doing so. For most people, turning off their AC at this time of the day means that there is no cooling happening in their home during the hottest times of the day. When the outdoor temperature is in the triple digits, this can mean that your home reaches a temperature that is far warmer than comfortable. In fact, your house can get as hot as 90 degrees in this scenario. When you allow your home to get this hot before turning on the cooling system, your AC has to work at least twice as hard to cool your house back down. This can mean that your AC unit is running for hours before the desired temperature is reached. Even if you are gone for eight hours of the day, it doesn’t make sense to not have your AC running. Even though your AC is on when you are not home, you will spend less on cooling your home in the long run. Keeping your home at an even temperature allows your AC unit to simply maintain rather than work in overdrive.

Should I Adjust My Thermostat when I Leave the House?

Rather than turning your AC completely off when you leave your home, you should simply keep your home warmer during these away hours. You will find that even turning up temperature 3 to 5 degrees can help save a lot on your energy bill. During the day while you were gone, set your thermostat for 78 degrees. When you get home, you can turn the thermostat back down to where you are most comfortable. Keeping your thermostat turned up a little higher throughout the day we’ll end up saving you a great deal and far more than turning off the system completely.

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