Short Cycling & Other Warning Signs of Emergency Furnace Repair in Green Valley Ranch, NV

Do you need emergency furnace repair or replacement? Many homeowners will notice when the furnace isn’t working correctly but often never realize some repairs need immediate attention. Furnaces will require immediate repairs to ensure the longevity of the heating system or even the safety of the home. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share signs of a furnace emergency and when to seek professional help.

HVAC Electrical Hazard Signs

The home electrical system is connected to the heating and cooling systems. As they are connected, the electrical system can help warn you of possible problems that are occurring with the heating or cooling system. For starters, if the light flickers on or off or becomes dimmer when you hear the heating system kick on, this can be a sign of an electrical problem between the heating system and the electrical system. If the electrical problem isn’t addressed, your home could be under risk of an electrical fire. First have the connection or the circuit inspected that the heating system runs on, and then have the heating system inspected.

Furnace Making Loud Noise

It is never a good sign when your hear loud and strange noises occurring when the furnace is running. When the furnace makes noise it is usually a sign that a component is broken, screws and bolts have come undone or the components are rubbing tightly against each other. When noises occur, the furnace condition is compromised and can lead to complete furnace failure and replacement. When a furnace begins making noise, quickly shut off the heating system and contact an HVAC service to come and inspect the furnace. An HVAC technician can come and tighten screws and repair the other components as well as lucubrate the moving parts. If any components require repair or replacement, the technician can help repair the heating system before major damages occur.

Furnace Short Cycling

When a furnace or heating system kicks on too quickly, shuts off, or has rapid cycle better known as short cycling, this is major problem. There are a few different reasons as to why a furnace will short cycle. Some are easily corrected while others require professional services. Simple fixes are changing out the air filters which can cause the short cycling due to added stress. However, short cycles can occur due to a bad blower motor and belt. If not corrected quickly it can cause additional damages. When the furnace has rapid cycles, turn off the heating system and contact a professional service.

Furnace Smells Musty, Like Sewer or Other Strong Odor

When you smell rotten eggs or a sulfur like smell, not only is this a heating emergency, you will also want to get out of the home. Gas fuel furnaces can develop leaks where carbon monoxide gas is leaking into the home which can have a sulfur or rotten egg odor. Carbon monoxide is lethal. If there is a presence or an odd odor, get everyone out of the home. One person can enter the home and open up all the windows to help expel the gas. Contact an HVAC service and tell them of the odor and that you need the furnace inspected immediately.

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