Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, Nevada is a completely licensed, certified, and insured full service HVAC system contractor that is readily available to provide professional services to the commercial businesses and residential homes in the community at an affordable cost. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are more than qualified to perform the tasks and use high-end products and equipment to ensure maximum results. With our 24/7 emergency availability, family-friendly customer service, traditional values, and professional courtesy, you will come to rely on Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning as so many others do for their HVAC system needs. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning values our commercial and residential customer in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area so much so we do everything in our power to extend customer service online for troubleshooting, including troubleshooting the outdoor HVAC unit.

Outside HVAC Unit Not Turning On or Working

The outdoor unit won’t turn on or run for your Las Vegas air conditioner or heat pump. There are quite a few things that could be causing the unit to not turn on or run; which can be quite serious. There is little you can do for the unit, but there are few things you can do. Clutter is a big one, be sure your unit is 3 feet of clearance surrounding it and if there is ice, turn the unit off for it to thaw and check your filter. If they are filthy, replace them. The thermostat might need adjusting as well. Additionally, check the following if the unit is not powering on:
– Emergency shut-off switch was triggered.
– Blown fuse.
– Tripped circuit breaker.
– Outdoor disconnect off.
– Unplugged condensate pump/open safety which.
– Tripped outdoor reset button.
– Lock-out of the unit.
In the event the outdoor unit won’t start and there is a faulty thermostat, contactor or capacitor, time-delay relay, burnt wires, or control module or a safety device, a professional from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would need to rectify the situation.

Outside AC Making Loud Noises

The Las Vegas desert’s outdoor unit makes noise is more often heard in the winter when the heat pumps makes loud and/or abnormal noises. Between the heating and cooling modes, the heat pumps have reversing valves that reverse the flow of refrigerant. In the winter, the heat pumps will shift the valve whenever the heat pump goes into the defrost mode, making a normal sound. There are other sounds the unit will make that are quite normal as the unit works. Abnormal sounds that indicate there is something amiss could stem from a metal grinding metal sound where the fan is making contact with an obstruction of some kind. Turn off the unit and check the fan, if any obstructions are there, make the adjustments; otherwise contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. Additional abnormal sounds can originate from the following conditions that require an expert from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning:
– Decayed compressor valve.
– Faulty motor.
– Damaged or misaligned fan blades.
– Low refrigerant.
– Poor reversing valve.
– Buzzing contactor.
– Bad compressor.
– Loud unit.

Troubleshooting Other Outdoor AC Unit Problems

Outdoor unit from your Las Vegas, NV Valley home or business will only shutoff by way of the circuit breaker. This happens occasionally because of a few things but the most common is a stuck compressor, or shorted thermostat cable. These and other issues are better dealt with an expert Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. Outdoor unit produces steam, which frequently occurs with the heat pump powering up at the start of the heating season. Defrost mode will help the heat pump during the heating season. When the steam happens a professional from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can assist with the poor defrost control, sensor, or thermostat, the outdoor fan motor, low large, or restriction, and coil blockage.

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If your Las Vegas, Nevada Valley outdoor unit is experiencing problems, call in the experts of Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let us help you troubleshoot the issues at hand.