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HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

What does the abbreviation HVAC mean?
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
What type of regular maintenance do you recommend for air conditioning systems?
The most important thing is to maintain the air flow. Dirt, dust and other forms of debris can clog your unit. Keep filters, heat exchangers and coils clean by arranging your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning’s bi-yearly checkup (we recommend a spring and autumn tune-up). Make sure you change your filter on a regular basis. Ask about our comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure you unit is serviced on a regular basis and any potential problems are identified and promptly repaired or replaced.
Why should I replace my filters and how often should I replace them?
Changing filters on a regular basis will ensure that your heating and cooling system is operating at optimal performance levels. Clean filters will ensure that your home is receiving the proper air flow that is also free of dust and other allergens. Filter size varies depending on the size of your unit. Some filters require weekly and others monthly replacement. Your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional technician will advise you on the ideal filters for your home along with the recommended replacement schedule. Other than changing my filters, is there any other maintenance that I need to do on my HVAC system?

The majority of HVAC maintenance will be performed by your experienced Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning service technician but there are a few tasks that you can perform to help your equipment stay in tip-top condition.

• If you have a ground mounted unit outside your home, keep the area free of overgrown weeds and debris to ensure your unit is receiving the necessary air flow.
• When using weed trimmers and other equipment, take care that you do not damage the control wiring.
• Keep pets away from your unit. Pet urine in particular can damage the unit which will result in expensive repairs.

How often do you recommend that maintenance be performed on my air conditioner?

We recommend that maintenance be performed on your air conditioning system on a yearly basis during either the spring or early summer months. This will ensure that your system is working at maximum efficiency levels as well as allowing us to examine your unit for any future issues.

What do SEER, MERV and Energy Star mean?

When purchasing a new HVAC unit, it is always prudent to ask about the unit’s efficiency ratings including:
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): This ratio lets you know the amount of cooling that your system will deliver based on each dollar you spend on electricity. Typically the SEER rating of a unit can range between 13 and 17. The higher the number the more efficient you can expect the system to be and the less you will spend on operating the unit.
MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value): this filter rating system is related to the size of the holes in your filter that allow air to pass through. The higher the MERV rating number, the smaller the holes and the higher your filter is at efficiently capturing dust and other contaminants. MERV ratings range from as low as 1 to as high as 16.
ENERGY STAR: This rating is mandated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is attached to all HVAC products that meet or exceed the guidelines for high-efficiency performance levels set by government standards.

How can I increase the efficiency and lifespan of my homes HVAC system?

• Clean & replace your filters on a regular basis (at least once per month)
• Install drapes, shades etc. on windows that are exposed to sunlight to keep room temperatures at comfortable levels.
• Keep you blower in the “on” position to allow constant air movement throughout the home. This in turn will also allow for a higher level of filtration.

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