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Energy Audit Glossary

In an effort to extend our customer service to our online customers of the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has compiled a glossary of terms and phrases associated with energy audits.
Air Sealing: Air sealing is referenced to the application of materials, such as caulk or foam, to stop airflow in cracks, gaps, or holes of a building.
Blower Door Test: A test used to measure a building’s air-tightness and locate any air leakage paths. Mounting into the frame of an exterior door, a blower door is a powerful fan that moves air in or out of the building; the air pressure inside changes to exaggerate air leaks through unsealed cracks and openings.
Building Envelope: The physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building; components of the envelope are typically: walls, floors, roofs, fenestrations and doors.
Combustion Safety Test: Combustion safety is the general term for evaluating fuel-burning equipment in the home. In general, these procedures include checks for fuel leaks, carbon monoxide, and to ensure that waste gases exit the home through the chimney or venting system.
Diagnostic Tests: Various procedures used to collect data and assess the performance and efficiency of components of the home using specialized testing equipment, including blower door testing and combustion safety testing.
Ductwork: A network of metal, fiberboard, or flexible tubes throughout a space which disperses treated air from an HVAC unit throughout the building.
Energy Audit: An energy assessment to determine the energy use in a building in an effort to identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
Energy Efficiency: Conserving energy to provide the same service whenever possible.
Home Energy Upgrade: Reduce energy consumption in the home improvement measures or packages of measures completed to.
Home Performance: The systematic approach to improving the comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency, and durability of a home.
Home Performance Assessment: An expert’s evaluation of a home’s condition and energy performance.
Home Performance Contractor/Professional: A company or individual who installs or supervises the installation of home energy upgrades, assessments, home inspections, or improvements related to air or duct sealing, insulation, HVAC, or other related services.
Home Performance Measure: The installation or modification of equipment or other building components, in order to improve a building’s performance and energy efficiency.
HVAC: Heating, ventilating, air conditioning to a building or portion of a building system used to treat the air for cooling or heating purposes.
Indoor Air Quality: The air inside a building along with the gaseous composition, humidity, temperature and contaminants.
Insulation: Materials derived of bulky fiber materials such as fiberglass, rock and slag wool, cellulose and natural fibers to rigid foam boards and sleek foils used to resist conductive and, to a lesser degree, convective heat flow in a building cavity.
Renewable Energy Technologies: Technologies that produce sustainable, clean energy from sources such as the sun, the wind, plants, and water.
Weatherization: A category of home energy upgrades which includes sealing and insulating the building envelope, which is commonly used to provide home energy upgrades to low income populations.
Weather-stripping: A material used to seal air leaks around components that open, close and generally move exterior doors and windows; it is valuable in contributing to energy efficiency.

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