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Commercial Furnace Heater Tune Up

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning offers furnace heating tune-up services to our commercial customers of the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. With an annual heating tune up you will get the investment of the service and them some on the return for the money that is saved throughout the course of the year. The heating tune up can ensure your heater is operating at maximum efficiency saving you cash on the utility bills as well as spare you the expense of breakdown repairs.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning performs the following, but not limited, tasks below during the course of our commercial heating tune up service.
Furnace Cleaning: As most local Las Vegans know, the dust and debris can settle on surfaces seconds after you have dusted them off. If the heater’s surfaces get an excessive amount of dirt, dust, and other forms of debris accumulated, the heater cannot perform accordingly. This puts strain on the HVAC system and especially your commercial heating appliance. For example, if the coil in your heater is obstructed with filth, it can prohibit the absorption of heat from the outside air. The furnace’s burner being built up with dirt will not permit it from generating enough heat for disperse enough heat throughout the building. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technicians clean off the components and heater to ensure it runs at high efficiency.
Furnace Adjusting: As the furnace runs, often times the different parts can loosen, bend, or simply slip out of place. A bent flame sensor of the furnace, or a heat pump coil can bend, the furnace panel can loosen, belts can slip off, or nuts and bolts can become loose. These are just a few examples of what can go wrong over time. If these parts fall short, it can cause other parts to compensate for the shortfall and be overloaded, contributing to malfunctions.
Heating Inspection: During the commercial heating tune up service, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technicians perform an in depth inspection on the overall function of the furnace, the most important aspect of the tune up. Ensuring the filth is removed and adjustments are made are important, but the inspection is essential, as we can determine if any of the furnace components parts, components, and condition is appropriately up to par.

Commercial Furnace Heating System Tune Up Service in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning recommend that your commercial business’s heating receives a professional tune up on annual bases to ensure high efficiency with unit’s performance and energy consumption. If your business’s furnace is in need of an Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning commercial heating tune up service, call us today to schedule your appointment. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning experts are fast, efficient, and well equipped to perform your heating tune up.