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Keeping Your Business Warm in Cold Weather

One of the major and consistent financial expenses when running your business is the support cost for operating your HVAC System. On top of that, during the winter months throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley it is essential to keep staff members cozy and warm; and customers comfortable. In so doing, keeping your heating system up to par is important. With the necessary heating services, your heating system can avoid problems and thrive well past its lifespan. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning commercial heating inspection service is on a few handfuls of services that is beneficial.

Reasons to Schedule a Heating Inspection

Heating inspections are ideal when the HVAC system is running at peak performance, suspicions of underlining issues due to abnormal increase of utility bills, before selling or buying, or just the reassurance the heating system will be operating sufficiently for the upcoming season. No matter the why, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning comprehensive commercial heating inspection service is conducted thoroughly and proficiently.

Commercial Heating Inspection Checklist

An Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, NV commercial heating inspection service includes, but is not limited to the following:
Ventilation and air ducts are thoroughly inspected for adequacy. Any blockage, damage, leakage, and potential areas of concern are documents.
Safety devices are evaluated and tested. Pilot safety switches on gas and oil systems are inspected, as well as any limit or over-temperature switches. All safety features are scrutinized to ensure they are in proper function if needed.
Heat exchanger is checked for efficiency and over-all condition.
– All areas that require cleanliness for sufficient use and energy consumption are cleaned and inspected for any signs of filmy substance that indicate trouble ahead.
Air filters are checked and cleaned or replaced as needed for a sufficient operating system. Clogged air filters prevent proper air flow and could be the issue if your building is not warming up to expectations and/or energy consumption has increased.
Motor and fan is thoroughly inspected for performance. Bearings are lubed and the debris from the blower is removed. Drive-belt condition, alignment, and overall performance is meticulously inspected for performance and durability.
– The thermostat and furnace is tested to verify that the thermostat is recording an accurate temperature as well as ensuring the furnace is capable of firing.

Commercial Furnace Heating Inspection Service Checklist in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Following the conclusion of the inspection, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will present the business owner with a comprehensive report of the findings. Any issues or potential problems will be presented along with solutions. If your business in Las Vegas, Nevada or surrounding areas is in need of our commercial heating inspection service, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to get started!