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Central Heat Not Working; Troubleshooting Heating Problems

The heating systems, particularly furnaces throughout Las Vegas, Nevada Valley that are found in commercial properties can quite often find the need for troubleshooting. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered in that arena. Forced-air furnaces are typically noted for their reliability. But like anything with moving parts, it can experience a little wear and tear and fall short. With regular maintenance performed by Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning you can avoid many issues, but you still might run into a few snags from time to time.
Gas Leak. If you should notice a gas leak, it is crucial to tend to this problem immediately. If you smell gasoline avoid lighting matches. If the odor is highly concentrated, evacuate the building and leave the door open; turn the main gas valve off and call the utility company. Do not return inside until it is safe to do so.
No ignition or pilot light. In older furnaces that feature pilot lights and it refuses to stay on; the thermocouple may be loose or defective, the pilot orifice may have become obstructed or the pilot’s flame simply may be set too low.
Furnace is running, but not producing adequate heat. For starters, be sure nothing is blocking the flow of warm air from the vents and make sure the heating registers are open. Try checking the thermostat, raise it 5 degrees warmer and wait up 10 minutes to see if the temperature in the rooms adjusts. Check the air filters. If they are layered with filth, clean or replace accordingly. If none of these steps resolve the issue, call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for assistance.
Furnace does not produce any heat. In most cases, furnaces that are not producing any heat are typically due to thermostat failure, a tripped circuit breaker, or a blown fuse. If there isn’t any heat, start with the basics and check the thermostat’s settings and be sure it is set to heat. Check your circuit breaker, and if necessary, reset your circuit breaker. If the furnace still won’t function accordingly, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning.

Troubleshooting Commercial HVAC Furnace Heating Systems in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning knows that your Greater Las Vegas, NV commercial or residential furnace can sometimes be a challenge. If you are having a difficult time troubleshooting it yourself, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to do it for you!