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Carrier 39CC Custom, Double Wall Air Handler

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning extends a number of appliances to the commercial and residential properties throughout Greater Las Vegas, Nevada that are premium quality. Our product spotlight is the Carrier 39CC Custom, Double Wall Air Handler. It allows for simplified installation and results in more efficiency for building owners and managers due to the engineered specifications for optimal systems equipped for their precise needs. Meeting specific requirements, the Carrier 39CC Custom Double Wall Air Handler, is constructed to feature the technology to control the air quality efficiently and applied in a contribution to which the building’s systems is optimized. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and data centers are examples as to the application considerations include.

Features of the Carrier 39CC Custom, Double Wall Air Handler

The Carrier 39CC Custom Double-Wall Air Handler offers a number of features that stand out among comparable units. Such features include indoor and outdoor units with bolted standing seam construction, foam panel design with 2-3-4 inch double wall, custom engineering for quality and needs. Specified critical dimensions are met, it has a variable aspect ratio, split locations, and includes thermal break and standard construction. Custom options of the Carrier 39CC Custom Double Wall Air Handler includes the following:

Factory Options:
– Bypass Panels
– Electric Heat or Gas Heat
– Energy Recovery Feature
– Factory Mounted and wired VFD’s
– Heat Exchangers- Fixed Plate
– Heat Pipe
– Listed Panels – UL 508
– Maintenance GFCI
– Mounting and Testing Controls
– Measurement of Airflow
– Panels – Motor Starter
– Service Lights
– Single Point Power
– Specialty Fans
– Wheels

Fan Options:
– Airfoil
– Airfoil Plenum
– Backward Inclined
– Bearings Minimum – L10-80,000 Hr
– CFM – 300,000+
– Direct Drive Plenum
– Fan array design to Meet Schedule Requirements
– Forward Curve
– Heavy Duty Commercial Grade
– Standard 210 – AMCA Certified
– Reduced Noise Levels with Modular Plenum Fans
– Twin City Fans (preferred supplier)
– Up to 12” Static Pressures

Coil Options:
– AHRI Certified
– Aluminum or Copper Fin
– Casings – 16 gauge 304SS
– Chilled & Hot water
– DX
– Heresite coating
– Steam
– Thickness – .020”, .025”, .035”, .049”
– UV Lights
– 5/8” OD
– 5/8” or 1”

Certified Carrier Dealer in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

No matter what you are looking for in your Carrier 39CC Custom Double Wall Air Handler, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can get your specs and unit ordered and installed quickly and efficiently. Call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to get started!