Throughout Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing commercial businesses and residential homes for nearly a decade. With the owners having over 50 years experience, we know and understand that having a fully functional HVAC system is not a commodity, but a necessity for survival in the Las Vegas desert. Being fully insured and licensed, our technician team members have advanced training, are professionally certified and are passionate about giving our valued customer superior services. Combining our expertise and talents with exclusive professional grade equipment, tools and products, your HVAC system is in the best possible care and you will have premium services. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a certified Amana HVAC dealer!

Amana HVAC Products

Since 1934 Amana has been offering long-lasting, high performance, and superior quality products. With Amana brand HVAC system components, the craftsmanship reflects the distinguished limited warranty coverage. Amana brand air conditioners and heats pumps are expertly designed with high-quality parts and components, and masterfully engineered with steel tubular heat exchanger. Amana brand products are committed to bring their customers with state of the HVAC systems that are built to last.

Amana Air Conditioners

Keeping any home style and size in mind, Amana brand air conditioning units are constructed to be the perfect fit. Even keeping mind the extreme hot Las Vegas desert temperatures, Amana brand air conditioners keep your home cool and comfortable. For many homeowners, deciding between the most important attributes of durability, desired coolness, and efficient performance is now made simpler with Amana brand air conditioners giving you all three of these attributes. The highest SEER rating gives you the in energy efficiency, and Amana has that and more.

Amana Heat Pumps

Heat pumps from Amana are devised to give you the best year round comfort with their brilliant craftsmanship. With a single system, Amana heat pumps can provide your Greater Las Vegas home with year round comfort in both heating and cooling needs. For effective energy control and high efficiency, Amana brand heat pumps are ideal for any home.

Amana Gas Heater Furnaces

Gas furnaces are equally fashioned after Amana brand premium products. Amana furnaces deliver warmth year after year without inflating your utility bills. To alleviate the “cool air” blow typically associated with single-speed furnaces, rather than simply turning the thermostat at full speed, the modulating, variable and multi-speed furnaces can provide you with enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to the thermostat setting.

Certified Amana Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Amana brands ingenuity manufactures state of the art products to ensure you get the best HVAC system. With superior equipment, it takes special certifications and training to install Amana brand products. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning technicians has taken the initiative to invest our time acquiring the necessary certification and training to be an Amana brand certified dealer to give our esteemed customers top of the line products. If you should find yourself in search of an upgraded HVAC system, consider Amana and call us today. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning professional are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing Amana brand products to give you premium quality for your HVAC system.