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Low Airflow Through Vents in House? Air Flow Troubleshooting & How to Improve

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, Nevada is readily available for a number of services including giving our commercial and residential property owners some troubleshooting services including those with low airflow. When it comes to the airflow being restricted there are several reasons why; listed below are the most common.
1) Furnace Filters: Generally, excessive buildup on the filters is what is causing air restrictions. When the filters are obstructed of filth, the pressure of the moving air is altered and the flow becomes inadequate or at best, uneven. Filters commonly contain pollen, dust, dust mites, textiles and carpet fibers, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, cigarette/cigar smoke, and so on. Not only is changing your filters regularly important but ensuring they have the correct MERV rating also helps the airflow’s efficiency. The higher the rating the smaller the pores and too small of pores can also restrict the airflow as well. Homeowners can adequately remove the airborne contaminants with a filter of a MERV 7-12. Be sure to at least check the filters once a month and clean them or replace them, depending on the type, when needed.
2) Duct Work: Designed and installed to deliver a certain amount of air to a certain space; when the composition is altered to deliver adequate volumes of air it is often due to faulty design where too many bends and turns cause the air to gain turbulence, preventing most of the air from reaching the designated areas. If you believe the air ducts design is the issue, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning specialists can redesign your air duct system.
3) Duct Leaks: The Department of Energy has found that over 90% of homes in North America have small holes and cracks in their air duct system loses between 35-50% of the air through duct leakage. In a nutshell, between 30% and 50% of air that has already been paid to treat is lost before it gets to the intended areas. If the air ducts are leaking air, professionals from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for sealing and repairs.
4) Oversized Ducts and/or Undersized Vents: By maintaining the correct static pressure, air moves through the ductwork and to its intended location. The pressure of the air will drop and never reach its intended destination if the ductwork is too big. However, ductwork is too small more frequently, which will cause restriction to the point that the measured amount of airflow not allowing the air to reach the designated areas.

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No matter what the problem is having to deal with the airflow in your Greater Las Vegas, Nevada home or business, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can find the root of the problem and make the necessary repairs or replacements quickly and efficiently.