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Furnace Exhaust Flue

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area knows commercial and residential furnaces. With the many services we offer, we can help you keep your furnace in optimal condition and quickly respond when it falls short. In an effort to help our values customers with troubleshooting and to help pinpoint issues, we discuss specific parts to the HVAC units; including the gas furnace’s exhaust flue. The exhaust flue is one of the most important components of the gas furnace.

How Does a Furnace Flue Work?

Through the gas jets along a burner unit, a gas furnace creates heat. A metal chamber that glows hot from the combustion gas that enters is the heat exchanger, where the heat from this gas then transfers to the air through. Before the heated air is pushed through the ductwork, the blower fan sends air across the heat exchangers. In the heat exchangers, the process leaves behind combustion exhaust, which is derived of toxic carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases. Usually made of sheet metal, the pipe that leaves the furnace cabinet vertically is the exhaust flue, which vents out the toxic gases safely to avoid from entering the home. To efficiently handle the amount of exhaust the furnace produces the exhaust flue pipe is specially sized. The exhaust flue ascends directly to the roof to expel its exhaust gases in the older furnace models. The flue can is generally constructed out of PVC piping that can leave either horizontally or vertically from the furnace; another PVC pipe runs next to it to bring in fresh air to the furnace in modern furnaces, particularly high-efficiency condensing furnaces.

Gas Furnace Flue Clearing & Cleaning

It is essential that the gas furnace’s exhaust flue is clear of any obstructions to allow the exhaust gas to easily flow out of the furnace. A partially blocked flue, for example, isn’t forcing the exhaust fumes out the furnace, which filters into a home. As a result, corrosion and cracks along the exchanger will occur because of the improper venting that lowers efficiency and leads to a reaction between the exhaust gases and the heat exchanger. Once a crack, even in the slightest, evolves on the heat exchangers, they will have to be replaced before the carbon monoxide has an opportunity to leak. To ensure your furnace is spared of this kind of damage, regularly scheduled professional maintenance from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning every year to check over the flue and see that it is clean and free from any clogs or obstructions will keep your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business’s furnace efficient and safe.

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Now that the weather is cooling off in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley, call in the professionals at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to your home or business and let our experts perform a comprehensive on your central heating to ensure your furnace’s exhaust flue and other primary components are intact and operating at their full potential. Contact us today!