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AC Condenser Heat Transfer

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning includes the care of the air conditioner’s condensers for our commercial and residential customers across the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. Working opposite the evaporator, the condenser converts the gas refrigerant back into a liquid. In the industry, this process is known as the heat transfer, which is the principle of a warmer or cooler substance that loses heat. Condenser coils, in most air conditioning units, are housed within the outside unit.

Parts of an Air Conditioner Condenser

The condenser unit is the outside portion of your air conditioner. The responsibility for absorbing heat from the indoor air lies with the inside part of your air conditioner and is the outside unit’s responsibility to release that heat to the air outside. The condenser is one of the primary components of the air conditioning unit and works in conjunction with the following parts:
The compressor. Adding pressure to the refrigerant, the air conditioner’s compressor also increases the refrigerant’s temperature in order for the ease to transfer heat in the next step of the cooling process.
Condenser coils and fan. After leaving the compressor, the refrigerant flows through your condenser coils. During which, a release to the outside air occurs, and in order to cool off the coils, the fan blows air over the coils in order to cool them off and release heat to the air outside.
Refrigerant lines. Refrigerant lines connect the indoor and outdoor units together in order to cycle refrigerant and continue the cooling process.

AC Condenser Problems & Troubleshooting

Being located outside, the air conditioner’s condenser unit is susceptible to buildup and debris, making it crucial that you keep it clear of debris and buildup and schedule regular professional maintenance. Professional maintenance, tune-ups and inspections performed by Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can ensure the air conditioner unit is in optimal condition and operating at peak performance. Protect your condenser unit by making sure that the area around it remains clear. Keep the plants, trees, and grass well trimmed around the outside unit and remove any other obstructions to ensure that your system has proper airflow.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repairs & More in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

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