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Air Handling Unit Service

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning understands the various components to your Central Air System, including the air handling unit found in commercial and residential systems across the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. The air handler unit is responsible for moving the air completely through the building.

How Does the Air Handler Work with Other Air Conditioner Parts

Conditioned air is useless if it can’t get circulated throughout the structure, and the heating and cooling system provides the temperature moderation. With the air handler, the temperatures are distributed throughout the building for even comfort. Housing the blower, along with relevant heating and cooling element, the air handler is the unit found indoors. In order for the air to reach the different rooms within the building, the air handler unit is connected to the ductwork. An extremely important application to ensure the system’s performance is the air filter and the maintenance involved with it. The air filter prevents dirt and debris from contaminating the quality of the indoor air quality.

How Long Air Handlers Last?

Both the heating and cooling equipment are coordinated by the air handler; whether the furnace and air conditioner offers the comfort or your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business is equipped with the split system heat pump. Residential and commercial air handling equipment is aesthetically installed within the wall; the access panel offering easy accessibility for maintenance and the only visibility or completely exposed but installed in the basement or garage. Air handlers are designed to last 10-20 years, depending on a few key factors; manufacturing quality, appliance of routine maintenance, and the extensive use of heating and cooling activities during the year all play a role in the longevity. A replacement air handler might be if it is older and experiencing frequent repairs, complete system failure, or if you to upgrade the unit to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency levels.

Air Handler Troubleshooting & Repairs

When it comes to a split system and the failure of one of the indoor or outdoor air handler’s fall, some homeowners presume the replacement of the one failed unit is adequate, however, system components are designed to work in harmony and to ensure optimal efficiency, both units should be replaced. In some cases, if the air handler is experiencing faulty performance, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can make the necessary repairs.

Air Conditioning Inspections, Emergency AC Repairs & More in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If the air handler in your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business is in need replacement, or repairs, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let our experts do the rest.