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Troubleshooting AC Refrigerant Leaks

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, Nevada offers troubleshooting services for commercial and residential HVAC systems including when the refrigerant leaks. When you have a refrigerant leak, you might notice that the cooling isn’t as efficient, despite that the system appears to running normally. Additionally, you feel warm air blowing through the register. Refrigerant is the substance required for the cooling process. It cycles through the coils to absorb the heat in the air. It is not like oil or gas where it will dissipate as it is used but continues to cycle through. If your air conditioner has inadequate levels it may have not been sufficiently charged or most likely cause, your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak. Once there is not enough refrigerant charge, the HVAC system cannot effectively cool.

Are Freon & Refrigerant Leaks Harmful

There are a number of reasons as to why your commercial or residential Las Vegas, Nevada Valley air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. Normal deterioration, neglect, and lack of professional maintenance are all contributors. Refrigerant leaks do not only bring down efficiency of your HVAC system but there are other consequences you should be aware of as well.
1) Environmental Damage. Proven to deplete the earth’s ozone layer, refrigerant is a dangerous chemical, which is why hand ling and disposal is controlled by the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency. If it spills from the coils through any kind of leak, the toxicity endangers the atmosphere, contributing to environmental problems.
2) Potential Health Concerns. If the refrigerant is hazardous to the environment, you can count on it being bad for your health. When the refrigerant is left exposed due to leaks, the evaporation can harm your lungs, as well as having direct contact with it causing burns. Only trained professionals handle refrigerant leaks. Never touch it or try to make your own repairs, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning
3) System Damage. The HVAC system compensates for refrigerant deficiency, running longer as it attempts to cool your space; when this happens, the other components are incapable of operating smoothly and with the added strain, the system is likely fail or receive costly damages.
4) Energy Consumption. More energy it consumes the more your AC runs trying unsuccessfully to reach set temperatures; the more energy that it uses, the higher the utility bill. Due to a refrigerant leak the system can use as much as 20 percent more electricity with a 10 percent drop in refrigerant volume.

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To minimize the risk of refrigerant leaks, be sure to invest in a tune-up prior to the cooling season and a maintenance service at the end of the cooling season from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to protect your commercial and/or residential HVAC in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas from potential refrigerant leaks. If you discover you or believe you have one, our certified technicians will utilize technological advances to find the leaks, seal them, and recharge your unit’s refrigerant levels.