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Homeowner Preventive Air Conditioner Maintenance

Commercial and residential property owners in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area have a responsibility if they want to keep their air conditioner fully operational and functioning at peak performance and that is to perform regular owner maintenance. Many repairs are the result of inadequate air conditioner maintenance, and at this time, we would like to list the maintenance you should be conducting in conjunction with annual professional maintenance.
1) Air Filters: Air filters are the most important maintenance task of your air conditioner; whether it is to clean or replace it, depending on the type of the filter, every 1-3 months. The efficiency of your air conditioner is significantly reduced when airflow is blocked by dirty filters. Not only will the clogged air filter hinder the function of your air conditioner unit, but the debris can travel in the air and settle on the evaporator coils which impairs the ability to absorb heat. Clean air filters will lower the systems energy consumption anywhere between 5%-15%. The air filters in your home or business should be checked every month and if they show excessive collected debris, either replaced or cleaned. Filters require more attention in homes that have furry pets, multiple occupants, smokers, and those prone to allergies and asthma.
2) Clean Air Conditioner Coils: Evaporator and condenser coils accumulate dust and dirt over time. Clean filters help prevent the coils from soiling up quickly, but they will still get built up with debris. Dirt restricts the airflow and insulates the coils, which hinders the ability to absorb the heat. Keeping tabs on the coils and cleaning them off when needed will keep the air conditioner operating at peak performance. Condenser coils are found on the outdoor unit, making them very susceptible to dirt and debris being the dusty environment of the Las Vegas desert. Foliage and clutter only add to the accumulation of filth, dirt collecting on the fins is a sure indicator that the unit’s coils are in need of cleaning. You can minimize the buildup by ensuring fallen leaves, yard clippings, dryer vents, clutter, and other potential sources of dirt and debris are contained. There should be at 2 feet of clearance around the air conditioner.
3) Air Conditioning Coil Fins: The aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils not only need routine cleaning but the can become easily bent and prevent the airflow from coursing through the coils. There is a fin comb tool available that can comb the fins to as close to their original condition.
4) AC Condensate Drains: With a stiff wire, clear the unit’s condensate drains to prevent clogs. Obstructions in the drain channels will prevent the unity from reducing the humidity; resulting in excess moisture and damage.
5) Air Conditioner Winter Prep: When the season comes to an end, the outdoor unit should be protected during the winter months a cover that protects it from debris and weather.
6) Professional AC Maintenance: A trained technician from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning should perform maintenance service at least once a year; two times a year is optimal. Basic tasks in a professional maintenance service includes, but is not limited to, the following listed below.
– Refrigerant levels are checked.
– Application of leak detector is used to check for any refrigerant leaks.
– Any refrigerant issues are immediately addressed.
– Ducts are assessed and checked for leaks.
– Evaporator coil airflow is measured for adequacy.
– Electrical control sequence is tested.
– Electrical components and wiring are inspected.
– Lubricant application where and if needed.
– Motor belt inspected for condition.
– Thermostat is inspected for efficiency.
– And more.

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance & More in Las Vegas Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business’s air conditioner is in need of maintenance services from a professional, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. With your maintenance tasks diligently performed and professional maintenance service, your air conditioner will have increased life expectancy, operate more efficiently, and maintain the overall condition.