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Condenser Fan Motor Troubleshooting

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has experience troubleshooting the isolated components that are giving you trouble in your Greater Las Vegas, Nevada home or business’s air conditioner; including the condenser. In a nut shell, the condenser is responsible from moving the heat that was removed from the inside air, to the outdoors.
Condenser fan not starting: If it does not start, there could be damaged caused by another issue or it is overheated. Ensure the power is on to both the outdoor and inside unit and the thermostat is operating and set to “cooling”. In the event you can hear a hum of the condenser motor, the fan could be stuck, use a stick to push into motion, do not use your fingers or you risk severe injury. Additional could be due to electrical failure or simply locked up if the condenser fan won’t start which will take a skilled professional for repair.
Condenser fan operating is slow: The most likely cause is that the low voltage equipment at the condenser unit control board due to circuit failure. Other causes could be a loose fan blade, air handler malfunctions or a burned out heat pump compressor pump. No matter the problem when it comes to the condenser fan operating slowly, a specialist is required for repair.
Condenser fan noises: Ticking, buzzing, and humming noises are an indication that the fan blade is making rhythmic contact with an obstruction, likely because of a failing blower fan motor. Being o hums could be because the condenser fan is imbalanced or damaged, but if fan seems perfectly balanced and undamaged, the bearing could be malfunctioning or the capacitors are having issues. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can completely inspect the condenser fan and evaluate the problem.
Loose condenser fan blades: If you suspect a fan blade is loose, turn the air conditioner off. Visually asses the condition of the blades; you are looking for signs damage, if they are bent, or if the blades are cut as well as checking to ensure it is securely connected to the fan motor shaft. Minor bends can be manipulated back into place but all other damage requires replacement. If the blades are loose, the allen screws may need to be tightened but other problems could be at hand as well.
Condenser fan has difficulty starting: This problem points to electrical connections; loose wires will need to be tightened or lax components on the unit’s control circuit board will need to be secured.
Condenser fan is short cycling: When the condenser fan operates but continually trips the thermal overload switch, it will keep shutting off; often due to an internal short in the motor windings. In this case, the motor will continue run even when the capacitor is disconnected.

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Unfortunately, there is little the homeowner can do in the event that condenser fan is not operating at its full potential. However, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is readily available to run full diagnostics perform a comprehensive inspection and determine the most optimal solution to get your condenser fan efficiently functioning. If your Las Vegas, Nevada valleys home or business is experiencing technical difficulty with your condenser fan give Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning a call today to take care of the problem.