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Air Conditioner Condensate Line & Trap Troubleshooting

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be in the position to offer commercial and residential property owners throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada troubleshooting with drainage and condensate line problems. Central air conditioners not only produce cool air but water as well. Humidity extraction is a critical part of an efficient air conditioning process as dry air holds less heat energy. The cooling effect causes water vapor to condense out of the air rapidly when the air conditioner blower pulls warm household air through the frigid passages of the evaporator coil. Under the coil, the condensation drips down into a collector pan; from there it is conveyed through a drain line to a household sewer connection. The condensate drain system can endure issues that include damaging leaks, bad air quality, toxic mold growth, and even a complete air conditioner shutdown.
Leaks and Overflow: A perfect algae breeding ground is the wet, warm environment of a condensate collector beneath a central air conditioner evaporator coil. As the algae migrates into the condensate drain line or the drain trap blockage will form. If the overflow pan is missing, or has cracked or developed a hole, or if the overflow pan’s drain line is plumbed to the same primary drain line that is clogged, water leakage will commence, as the condensate overflow due to a blocked drain may be caught by an overflow pan beneath the air handler. Not only is algae an issue, but so is mold; as the mold spores may be introduced to the condensate drains where the mold growth originating here will often expand into the evaporator coil. Not only can the mold cause obstructions, but as mold can cause blockage problems put it also puts your health at risk.
By the time it is finally some discovers the issue, costly damages have already occurred.
Drain Trap: A U-shaped trap located in the drain line just outside the air handler is where the central air system routes condensation through. Water in the trap prevents sewer gases originating where the condensate drain pipe terminates from infiltrating the air handler similar to the trap under your kitchen or bathroom sink. The condensate drain trap may dry out and allow sewer gases to pass through the line in some instances, for an example, after a long season of dormancy or when gravity-fed drain line is not installed with the proper incline. A primary symptom of a dry condensate drain trap is the detection of unexplained noxious odors coming from the air conditioner supply vent.
System Shutdown: Between property damage and condensation leaks alerting the sensors of the issues at hand, they air conditioner will eventually shutdown.

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