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Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing, Humming & Other Noises

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is delighted to bring troubleshooting services to the commercial and residential customers throughout the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, including troubleshooting a noisy air conditioner. More often than not, when your air conditioner is making noise, it is derived from the air handler, outdoor compressor, or within the ductwork.

Air Handler Vibration, Squealing & Grinding Noises:

These noises usually produce squealing, buzzing and/or grinding noises.
Squealing/Grinding AC Noises: Older air handler units may be belt-driven, though typically modern models have direct-drive motors. A belt-drive air handler that connects the motor to the blower slips the belt often produces a squealing sound. The likely cause is that the belt was improperly aligned or it has simply worn and needs either adjusting or replacing. Your instruction manual can direct you on the proper procedure, but contacting Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can ensure it is done properly. In the case that the a direct-drive blower is squealing or making a grinding noise, it is essential you shut down the system and contact a professional as the motor’s bearing are likely deteriorated.
Buzzing AC Noises: If you hear a distinct buzzing sound when you flip on the thermostat the fan relay or blower fan is the likely in need of repair or replacing. To confirm the issue, switch the thermostat heat/cool switch to “off” and then flip the fan switch from “auto” to “on”. If you continue to hear the buzzing, call Air Supply Heating and Air Condition of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Outdoor A/C Compressor Making Loud Noises

The noises manifests from the compressor are often grinding, buzzing, or humming noises.
Buzzing AC Noises: The run capacitor may be defective if when the outdoor A/C unit makes a buzzing sound as it tries to start but is unable. Unfortunately, the motor will overheat when it tries to turn on but can’t get started if the capacitor deteriorates. A thermal overload switch will shut it off due to an overheating motor. A professional from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can replace the capacitor if that is the problem.
Humming AC Noises: A low voltage transformer on that unit is generally the underlining issue when the outdoor compressor hums when you switch the thermostat to “cool”. If this happens, immediately call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for diagnostic and analysis.
Grinding AC Noises: Bearings in the motor will eventually wear out over time; the resulting sound id most cases is the grinding noises, which will typically overheat the motor and cause the unit to shut down. The only fix is a motor replacement which is easily accomplished with Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning.
Ductwork Abnormal Noises: Because the duct system is constructed out of metal tubing, they are a natural conductor of sounds originating elsewhere as well as the noises they produce when something is amiss. To help reduce the natural sounds from a functioning air conditioner, invest in professional installation of quality insulation in the appropriate areas; contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for more information.
Pinging or Popping AC Noises: A thermal expansion or air blowing past a loose flap of metal can make such sounds. Listening for the sound as you track along the duct can pinpoint the area and by making a small dent in the sheet metal, you provide a more rigid surface that’s less likely to move as it heats and cools.

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No matter what kind of sounds your Greater Las Vegas, Nevada are home or business’s air conditioner area making, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can make the necessary repairs to ensure an efficient and quiet operating system. Contact us today!