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HVAC Condensate Drain Line Design

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning offers troubleshooting services for commercial and residential customers throughout the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area; among them include an air conditioner that is leaking water. An air conditioner can leak water due to a variety of reasons. But before we get into why it is leaking, it is important to know that the evaporator coil that is found in the indoor air conditioner unit cools the warm air that courses over it; producing condensation to form on the coil. Dripping into a drain pan, the moisture on the coil drips and runs down the condensate drain line, which is the white PVC pipe the extends out of your home. Understanding that process will help you to better understand the following reasons as to why the air conditioner to your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business is leaking water.

Why is My AC Leaking Water Inside or Outside the House?

1) Clogged condensate line. This is the most common issue, as the drain line is susceptible to dust, dirt, mold and sludge that contribute to obstructions. When the line is clogged, the water will backup in to the home or business. Simply unclogging the condensate drain line is tricky. With a wet/dry vac you can suck up the clogs, but sometimes that isn’t always effective. Call in the professionals of Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to get the condensate line clear.
2) Drain pan in poor condition. The older the air conditioner the older the drain pipe. Whether it has sustained damage or rust over the years, the drain pan can be preventing the overall performance of the condensate lines to properly drain and will need to be replaced.
3) Inoperable condensate pump. The condensate pump that pumps the water outside could be broken, making it impossible for the water to be pumped outside. A replacement or repair water pump will get it the water to stop leaking.
4) Dirty air filter. Dirty air filters are a hindrance for optimal air conditioner function. If the air filters are preventing the air flow to properly cross over the evaporator coils, the coils will get too cold and freeze over. As it melts, the excessive water drips is too much for the drip handle to contain, causing water leaks. You can check the air filter to ensure that is not the problem. Experts recommend changing or cleaning the air filter every 2-3 months, but living in the desert, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning recommends checking on it once a month and perform the appropriate maintenance as needed.
5) Low levels of refrigerant. If the refrigerant levels are low, the evaporator will also freeze, and like the air filter issue, the frozen water will not be able to drain adequately.

Central AC Repairs & Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If this is the issue, you may also notice the air conditioner’s inability to cool, and you can often hear hissing or bubbling noises. If the refrigerant is the problem, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can make the needed repairs to stop the refrigerant leaks and charge your unit to its full refrigerant capacity. No matter what the problem is causing the Las Vegas, NV home or business’s air conditioner to leak water, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can make the proper repairs or replacements to ensure the problem is resolved.