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Central Air Conditioner Keeps Running when Turned Off

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning performs troubleshooting services for your air conditioner in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. Your home or business’s air conditioner can experience the incapability of shutting itself off. It is commonly the result of the issues listed below,
1) Thermostat. Before anything, check the thermostat if the air conditioner will not shutoff. Frequently, the thermostat is accidentally knocked off the proper settings or simply set incorrectly, making a demand for consistently running cool air. The temperature may have been set too low to keep up with the production, but in any case, try setting the thermostat at room temperature; this will make the air conditioner switch off. If the unit doesn’t shut itself off, the thermostat isn’t the issue.
2) Condensing Unit. In order to disperse the heat, the condenser coils must be operating at full efficiency. The condenser coils are unable to disperse the heat efficiently when they are dirty. The air conditioner needs to work extra harder in order to cool down with the dirt hindering it. Forcing the compressor to run continuously so that it can cool the room, the air conditioner is unable to maintain the correct temperature. Simply check the condenser coils and if they are filthy, gently clean them off.
3) Fan Limit Switch. There is a fan limit switch near or on the blower on the air conditioner unit. The switch enables the fan to continue operating independently from the settings on the thermostat. A manual override can cause the fan to run on its own. So the fan only runs when it is commanded by the thermostat settings; simply change this setting from “manual” to “auto”.
4) AC Maintenance. The air conditioning unit is clean and all the electrical systems are checked for any deterioration and other important component checks. Done a regular basis, air conditioning maintenance, helps you to avoid high energy bills and ensure your air conditioner unit runs effectively.

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In addition to your own maintenance and care of your unit and professional maintenance and other valuable services, you can avoid many of the problems that may keep your air conditioner operating efficiently. For your Las Vegas, Nevada home and business’s air conditioner troubleshooting and maintenance service, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let our experts get started!