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How Does a Home Air Conditioner Sensor Work?

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning takes care of the air conditioner problems your Las Vegas, Nevada Valley home or business are facing. Troubleshooting the various components within the air conditioner is included in our services. Air conditioner sensors are among the parts that are frequently the problem when the air conditioner experienced difficulty. In the interior air conditioning unit, near the evaporator coil resides the thermostat sensor. Noting the temperature and comparing it to the designated temperature set, the air moves past the sensor and coil; if the temperature is set to be cooler, the sensor activates the compressor. Once the sensor and the set temperatures correspond, the air conditioner has effectively cooled your home and will shut off until the temperature needs adjusting.

Signs & Troubleshooting AC Sensor Problems

If your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business’s air conditioner is experiencing problems, the sensor could be the culprit. A common indicator is when the unit cycles on and off with little time in between the activation periods. Another is if the temperatures are too hot or cold even after adjusting the setting at the control panel. Unusual cycling will cause critical components to break down.
Troubleshooting the air conditioner sensor starts by shutting down the power to the air conditioner unit by way of switching the breaker off at the main electrical panel. Access the evaporator coils through the indoor air conditioning unit hidden behind the protective cover. The sensor itself is typically next to the coil, however, if the sensor is touching the coil or bending away from it, that can be the extent of the problem. Bending the sensor back in place carefully, ensuring it is still close to the coil to achieve accurate readings is ideal. Unusual angles in any direction of the coil will cause the erratic behavior of the air conditioner. Flip the breaker on and observe its performance to ensure it is operating at its full potential.

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If this does not repair the issue, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will run full diagnostics, tests, and comprehensive inspection to discover the any other problems that might be occurring. No matter what is preventing your air conditioner from operating at full efficiency, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioner can get help. Call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioner today if your air conditioner is not fully functional in your home or business in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas.