There are various components to your home’s air conditioning unit. At different times in your air conditioner unit’s life, one of the various components can fail or develop problems. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will help you troubleshoot problems with your air conditioner’s fan motor, which is one of the various components that often goes out at the most importune of times.

Signs Your AC Fan Motor is Not Working

Often when the fan motor goes out or is showing signs that it is beginning to break down it will require an HVAC technician to come and replace the broken part. However, it does help to know the signs that your air conditioner unit is breaking so you know when to call your HVAC repair company. When your air conditioning unit fan motor is breaking or even broken here are some of the signs or methods you can use to troubleshoot your unit fan motor.
1. The fan motor is running more loudly. One of the most common and one that is easiest to troubleshoot when it comes to the fan motor, is that it will begin to run more loudly. When the fan motor suddenly becomes louder, this can be due to obstruction or something near the fan motor has come loose. To troubleshoot the cause of the noise, open the cover of the fan motor to get a better view. First, turn your air conditioner unit turn off, meaning all power to the unit has been shut down. Check for any obstructions or loose wires and screws.
2. Your air conditioner is not circulating air properly. Most common in older units, your fan motor may be wearing out due to age. You may notice that your air conditioner isn’t circulating air or that your air conditioner appears to have been running too long. This could also be due to the fan motor. You may even notice your energy bill going up. The higher bill might be because your fan motor is working harder to circulate air through your home.
3. When the air conditioner’s fan motor suddenly shuts off. If you’re hearing your air conditioner kick on to cool your home and then it suddenly shuts off in the middle of operation or before the room is properly cooled down, this is a sign of a faulty fan motor. Especially if this problem appears to be happening more frequently. In this case, your air conditioner’s fan motor could have an electrical short or another similar problem. Again, you will want to remove the cover of your air condition when it is manually turned off, and check the condition of the wiring.

How to Turn Off Central Air Conditioning

When troubleshooting your air conditioning unit, it is most important to turn the power off first. You can accomplish this in two ways; the easiest is using the emergency shut off switch which is located near your air conditioning unit. You will see a metal box either mounted on the wall next to your air conditioner or near it. The other method is to go to your circuit breaker box and switch the power off to your air conditioner.

Central AC Repairs & Maintenance in Las Vegas Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your air conditioning unit’s fan motor is going out or is broken, you will want to have it repaired immediately to avoid other expensive problems. Your HVAC technician will further help you diagnose any other problems and repair the faulty component. If you’re having problems with your air conditioning, unit contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.