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Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm or Hot Air?

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is readily available to help the commercial and residential property owners of the Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas with their air conditioner troubleshooting needs, including when the air conditioner blows nothing but warm air. When the air conditioner consistently blows warm air, there are a number of underlining problems; below you will find the most common.
1) Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant doesn’t get used up like gas; it is constantly be recycled through the system, if the refrigerant is low, it because there wasn’t an adequate charge at installation, poor manufacturing, a worn service valve, or the more likely cause, there is a refrigerant leak. With refrigerant leaks, it does require a professional to locate the leaks, seal them properly, and to recharge the unit with refrigerant.
2) AC Freezing Up: The cool air is being produced when the evaporator coils are frozen, thus the warmth. When this happens, the likely cause is the result of condensation not properly draining, building up and in conjunction with the thermostat setting, causes the coils to freeze, excessive buildup of dirt and debris on the coils and well as clogged air filters. If this occurs, turn the air conditioner off from the thermostat for at least 2 hours, ensure the air filter is clean as well as the coils, if the problem persist, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioner for further analysis.
3) Thermostat Setting: A fairly common mistake is a simple setting problem. Whether it was simply forgetting to adjust the settings or if it got knocked out of place, all that you need to do is make the necessary adjustments; set to “cool” and around 78 degrees.
4) Breaker Switch: The exterior unit requires a power supply, which can cause the breaker to trip under different circumstances. Power overload will cause the breaker to trip, shutting the power off for safety. If the breaker getting tripped is a constant issue, an electrician should be consulted to replace the breaker with one that can handle the power surge. If the unit does not power on, ensure the breaker is completely flipped to the “on” position.
5) Air Filters: More often than not, the air conditioner is incapable of cooling because the air filter is too built up of dust, debris, allergens, and other contaminates, causing additional problems. Ensuring the air filters are clean is an important start to getting the air conditioner back on par. Be sure they are checked once a month.
6) AC Compressor: Taking the refrigerant gases from the evaporator and converting it to a hot and high-pressure gas, the compressor’s failure prevents the air conditioner from functioning accordingly. Because of this, it is often the most misdiagnosed. The compressor can fail for a variety of reasons; Electrical Failure, Refrigerant Contact, Overheating, and Wear. No matter what is the problem, a licensed professional from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can assess the issue and make the appropriate repairs.
7) AC Wiring: Electrical problems and wiring can influence the air conditioner’s overall performance. Whether it is frayed, poorly connected, or other issues, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can repair the electrical system to get your air conditioner efficiently operating again.

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With so many troubleshooting options concerning the air conditioner’s ability to blow warm air, it is more ideal to contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for your home or business in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley.