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Air Conditioner Repair VS Replacement

Often, homeowners throughout the Las Vegas, NV Valley struggle with the decision to replace or repair the various troubling components in the home’s HVAC system. There are some fairly obvious conclusions. On the other hand, some can be hard to determine. Listed below are some of the major components that might need to be repair or replaced, and we have included some considerations to help you make the most optimal decision.
Decade old heat pump or air conditioner. After your units have reached a decade or older and they are showing excessive wear and tear, continuing to make repairs will be an endless battle. Instead, invest the money in a high-efficiency model. With a more energy efficient unit, your utility bills will drop, and over time, you will see your money back and then some.
HVAC system in constant repair. If you notice anything in your HVAC system has trouble staying in working order, and constant repairs are being made, the various system components may have reached its potential lifespan. While it may seem worth it in the moment to continue to seek out repairs, eventually the repairs won’t be able to happen, and a replacement will have to come to pass. Avoid the continuous repairs and opt for replacement.
Energy bills are very high. Each month, running your air conditioning unit alone figures up to 60% of the utility bills. The older your unit is, the more power you need to use to run it in order to reach your desired comfort levels. The newer units are designed to consume less energy, greatly reducing your usage and monthly bills.
Uneven home heating & cooling. When this issue manifests, it generally reflects a poorly engineered system either dating back to when the home was built, or the HVAC system’s components were installed. With the aid of Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning specialists, we can diagnose and determine the cause and recommend the necessary repairs, or replacements to help your HVAC system run evenly and smoothly throughout your entire home.
Humidity in the home. There are a number of causes, or a combination of them. Circumstances such as poor quality equipment performance, insufficient installation, units were improperly sized, and ductwork that has multiple leak issues; can all contribute to the air becoming too humid in the summer, and extremely dry in the winter.
Excessive dust. If your HVAC system is riddled with leaks in the ductwork, the dust and particulates found in the attic and crawl spaces are being pulled into the air, and redistributed throughout your Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas home. With a full diagnostic ran on your ducts from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, we can determine if a simple seal repair service is needed, or if the replacement of your ductwork is more optimal.
Loud noises when running the heating or cooling system. Undersized ducts or indoor coils are two of the major contributions to loud and abnormal noises. With a professional from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning finding out the source can help us determine whether a replacement or repair is called for.

Air Conditioning Emergency Repairs, Replacement & Full Service in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is more interested in our returned and loyal customers than trying to purge one time clients cash unnecessarily. We will always recommend the best interests in replacing or repairing to your residential HVAC system in Greater Las Vegas, NV. Call us today if you have any HVAC system services.