Running your Air Conditioner & Furnace Heater in Extreme Fall & Winter Weather Conditions in Las Vegas NV

Have you heard the rumor floating around that running your air conditioning and heating unit in extreme weather is a bad idea? All seasons can bring on some intense and bold storms but especially the winter time. Heavy rainfall, thunder booms, and lightning strikes are all part of the show. Often, these storms bring with them humid conditions, and in an attempt to make our homes or businesses more comfortable, we have a tendency to crank the air to try to remove that uncomfortable humidity.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share a few facts about running your air conditioner and furnace heater in extreme weather conditions.

Running your Air Conditioner & Furnace During Thunder & Lightning

When a thunder storm hits, most people take proper precautions and make the rounds shutting everything off. Others put their faith in surge protectors to secure their home. So, how do you know which is the best course of action? As far as running the air conditioning during the stormy weather is concerned, it shouldn’t be done. Lightning produces surges so powerful, the surge protector is unable to stop. Even if the air conditioning unit is plugged into a surge protector, lightning can still take it out. If your home is struck by lightning, a power surge as high as 5 billion joules will circulate through your wiring. Anything plugged in and drawing power will receive that surge all at once. Your air conditioning unit is no exception and if this does happen, your unit will need replacing. Take it safe, and if the humidity is too uncomfortable, prop the windows open and allow the passing cooler temperatures to help cool things down until the thunder and lightning have passed.

Alternative Safety Measures for HVAC Systems

Where turning the unit is the best course of action, another secondary measure is to have lightning rods installed on your home. These rods are not 100% effective, but are an extra safety precaution. Metal lightning rods attract the lightening and send it pulsating into the ground instead of allowing the surge to bound through your home’s wiring. It can help prevent the power from ever reaching your home and those appliances and devices that are left plugged in.

Air Conditioner & Furnace Usage During Rainstorms

Air conditioners remove humidity by design. If there is still rain following the trail of the lightning and thunder show, it is safe to run your air conditioning unit and furnace. However, do keep an eye on the unit outside your home. If excessive rainfalls cause flooding and your unit begins to be submerged; turn it off immediately. The unit can receive damage along with your homes electrical wiring.

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