Running Central Air Conditioner Fan with Windows Open or Closed in North Las Vegas, NV this Fall?

With fall around the corner you may be anxiously waiting for the day when you can open the windows in your home and enjoy the cool, fresh air. Many people enjoy the financial and emotional benefits of having the crisp fall air flow through their home instead of running their air conditioner or heater. There is some controversy about whether opening your windows is a good idea.

Is Sleeping with the Window Open Healthy?

One benefit people will claim from having their windows open is that you will definitely sleep better. For years this was just considered a personal preference instead of an actual fact. A recent study done by the Indoor Air Journal actually said that this is indeed a fact. Results from their study showed that people who slept with their windows open did indeed sleep better. They found that the reason for the improvement is that having the windows open gives your bedroom a better CO2 level. Having a balanced CO2 level in your room leads to a better night’s sleep.

Nature Makes Us Happier

Homeowners also claim that keeping their windows open leads to more happiness in their lives. They say that they are in a better mood with the increased light and fresh air in their home. Studies have been done regarding increased light and the effect it has on people suffering from depression. There is a link to an increase in light being able to decrease the symptoms of depression one may feel. Light therapy light bulbs are top sellers for many businesses for this reason. As stated above the fresh air provided by having the windows in your house open balance the CO2 levels in your home which leads to a better night’s sleep and thus more happiness.

Running Central AC Fan with Windows Open?

Financial pros and cons from keeping your windows open can be found for each side of the argument. When the weather outside is at a temperature that allows your home to maintain a temperature that is comfortable to your family you can save money on utilities. Keeping the air conditioner or heater running with your windows open though can increase the need for your unit to be running and cost you money. At Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning we recommend that you do not turn your unit completely off. If you would like to open your windows and enjoy the fresh air you should set your thermostat at a temperature that your family enjoys. If your home gets close to that temperature your unit will begin to run. When your unit begins running in an effort to keep your house at the desired temperature it is the most efficient to close your windows at that time. Many people will open their windows early in the morning, close them in the late morning, and then open them again when the sun goes down when the weather is nice. That pattern typically can give you the best of both worlds!

Opening Windows Can Make Indoor Allergies Worse

If you have family members that suffer from allergies it is not recommended that you open your windows for health reasons. Having the fresh air in your home can cause allergies to flare up and make some people absolutely miserable. No amount of financial savings is worth your health.

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No matter what you decide to do with your windows and air conditioning unit we hope that your family enjoys the beautiful fall weather that should be coming soon here in the Las Vegas Valley. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning does recommend that you schedule an appointment today for your seasonal maintenance so that your unit can run effectively during the fall and winter months.