Risk of Rain to Outside Central AC Unit in Paradise, NV; Air Conditioner Covers for Winter & More

With all the rain the Las Vegas desert has been offering locals lately, there may be some who may be concerned on how it may impact the HVAC system. Some homeowners express concern for their HVAC system during heavy rainfall, whether if is have brief spouts here and there are have a down pour for days or anything in between. There are some clarifications we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to expound on how the rain impacts the HVAC system though the outdoor units are typically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and even a little hail.

Engineering of HVAC

With the help of heat pump technology, the heat is pumped from inside your home to the outdoor environment. Found outside is the outdoor air conditioner unit, or the air conditioner or a heat pump, which is capable of both heating and cooling, depending on your system. In a split system, the unit outside houses the compressor and condenser, and the indoor unit contains the evaporator coil and blower. With the knowing exposure to the elements, the outdoor unit is strategically designed to endure the extreme conditions. To provide protection from the rain and moisture the electrical components are sealed with sturdy, corrosion-proof materials, such as plastics aluminum, and copper. However, the outdoor unit is still vulnerable to falling tree limbs, flooding rains, and wind-driven debris. In conjunction with your own efforts, professional care and maintenance can help keep the unit clean and protected to prevent any duress.

Risk of Rain to Outside AC Unit

A little, even a lot of rainfall is not enough to harm your AC unit, however, if you experience any flooding in the area, it can be affected. Though otherwise protected, if it is partially submerged, the wiring, electronics, and motor can potentially be damaged. Should you notice any flooding around your unit, simply switch off the HVAC system at the electrical panel, and only if it is partially submerged. Otherwise it is perfectly safe to run your heater or air conditioner while it’s raining or storming outside.

Central Air Conditioner Covers for Winter

There are outdoor unit covers available, however, in general they are not recommended since they can ensure the moisture and extreme temperatures. If the unit is an AC unit only, some homeowners opt to cover them to protect from the rain, debris, leaves, and other elements, however, you can be doing more harm then good. The moisture needs the opportunity to evaporate and if it is trapped under a cover, it can corrode and cause other damage. Also, you want at least three feet of clearance and never stack anything on top of the unit. Proper airflow is essential for your and if you are looking for extra protection an awning is more ideal.

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Generally, if the rains are heavy, the HVAC tech cannot provide services on the outdoor unit in an effort to avoid water exposure and possible damage. Most experts will respond, in most cases of an emergency, but it may take the weather to clear before work can be done. When you experience HVAC system problems, call Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating and let our professionals take care of your repairs, replacement, and maintenance services.