Purpose of Air Filter in Your Green Valley Ranch, NV Home; Buying Correct Size & Type of Air Filters

When you set off into the real world for the first time it does not take long for you to realize that you may not have known as much as you thought you did about life. Despite our parent’s best efforts in raising us, most of us have at least a few startling realizations as we enter into the adult world. One area that frequently catches people by surprise is the area of home maintenance. Many times costly repairs are needed due to our negligence in this area. In an effort to help you avoid some avoidable repairs, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is going to give you all the information you need about air filters.

Purpose of Air Filter in Home

As crazy as it may seem, some people do not even know that their home has an air filter. We are going to start off with why you need an air filter in your home. In order to keep your home a comfortable temperature you will need a heating and air conditioning system. When your heating and air conditioning system operates air circulates from outside into your home through your air ducts. The air outside your home has dust, pollen, and other contaminants in it. An air filter is needed to help trap these items so that they do not come inside your home. Most of the time your HVAC system ductwork is in your attic. If this is the case your air filter is normally placed in a vent in your ceiling. This vent will be larger than other vents in your home. It will also have some levers that help you to open the vent so that you can replace your air filters.

How Do I Need what Size Air Filter I Need?

Before you can replace your air filter you will need to take a trip to the store to purchase a new air filter. When you walk down the aisle with the air filters you may be surprised to see a large variety of sizes and types of filters that you can purchase. How on earth do you know which one you are supposed to buy? To figure this out you will want to get a tape measure. Open up the vent in your home and remove the old filter. You may get lucky and be able to see the dimensions of your old filter written on the side of the filter. If you cannot see them you will want to measure length, width, and height of the air filter. These three numbers will correspond with the size of the air filters at the store.

Types of Air Filters

In addition to knowing the size of the air filter you want to purchase; you will also need to know what type of air filter you want. There are a few different options available for air filters. Pleated fiberglass, media filters, and HEPA filters are all options for you to consider. Each of these types of filters will provide you with a unique set of pros and cons. What type of filter you choose is not as important as making sure that you change your air filter on a regular basis.

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