Progression of Home Heating Systems in Las Vegas, NV; From Sun & Fire to Central Furnace Heaters

The weather in the winter can be cold, chilly and downright frigid. It makes the trek outdoors a little harder than during the fall or spring months. The great thing is that we have come so far in the progression of heating systems that all we need to do is head into the house. Our home is a place that we have come to enjoy partially because of the comfortable indoor temperature. It can be freezing outside and your home can be a warm 78 degrees. The greatest thing is that now we even have a digital thermostat that you can not only set to a very specific temperature but can program as well. The heating or cooling can be set to adjust while you are out of the home and then while you are in the house go back to a temperature that is more comfortable. That has made the way we heat our home so much more efficient. Things have not always been this easy. There have been some major advancements in the way that we heat our home.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Explains the Progression of How We Heat Our Homes

The Sun: What is a better source of heat than to use the sun! The sun is literally a giant ball of heat and light and has been used to heat homes. This may not seem like such a bad idea but when it is that far out in the galaxy the amount of heat on a winter day is not much. The other problem is that the sun is not out during the night which happens to be the colder part of the day. Before any other heating systems were thought about, the sun was all you got.
Fire: The next heating system that was employed for quite a long time is of course fire. A fire is something that you can use around a campfire or even in your home when contained properly. Fireplaces have been used in homes for a long time. Fireplaces need a lot of work to keep them safe to use. They need to be cleaned out and the chimney needs to be clear so that the smoke can escape the house instead of filling it. Fires are also only good in the room that they are being used in. If you happen to be across the house you may not get any warmth from the fire at all.
Boilers, Furnace & Central Heat: Now we have come from fire places all the way to the systems that you are enjoying now. There are several options on what type of heating system you can have in your home. There are boilers, furnaces and central heat. Whatever you choose you can have it ran by gas, oil or electricity. These are all much more efficient and great ways to heat your entire home.

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