Preventive Maintenance Inspections & Tune Ups in Las Vegas NV Help Prevent Air Conditioner Water Leaks that Could Lead to Emergency A/C Repairs!

Paying Attention to the Condition of Your HVAC Unit Can Save You Money

Your HVAC unit is probably the largest appliance you have and provides you and your family with a great deal of comfort throughout the entire year. It is important to pay attention and give proper care to your HVAC unit even during its slower times of the year. When HVAC units are not properly cared for they can malfunction, deteriorate faster and even require total replacement. HVAC repair and replacement can become extremely expensive and it is never fun to spend money on repairs that could have been easily avoided by inexpensive preventive maintenance!

Beware of Water Leaking from Your Air Conditioner

One of the most common HVAC emergencies to experience is when water begins to leak from your air conditioner. While a leaky HVAC unit can sometimes be an easy fix for a professional technician from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, the damage that is left behind involves a great deal of time and effort. Sometimes a leaky HVAC unit will result in thousands of dollars in damages to the home. Many homeowners stumble across the fact that their HVAC is leaking water by pure accident. It is most important to perform regular visual inspections on your HVAC unit to avoid any major malfunctions.

Eliminate Air Conditioner Leaks & Avoid Repairs by Becoming Familiar with Your A/C Unit

Your air conditioning unit is able to remove both heat and moisture from the air that is in your home during the refrigeration process. A set of coils is responsible for this process and so is a chemical called refrigerant. Refrigerant travels through the inside and outside areas of your HVAC unit, removing heat from the air blowing over the inside coil and releasing heat outdoors. The cold coil can now retain some of the water vapor in the air in the form of condensation. A poorly placed condensate tray or a clogged drainage pipe can contribute to leaks from the HVAC unit. Depending on the location of the HVAC unit in regards to where it sits around your home, this can lead to a great deal of damage.

Prevent HVAC Unit Water Leaks Before they Happen

You can greatly decrease the possibility of an HVAC unit leak when you schedule maintenance with Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning regularly throughout the year. HVAC technicians check for situations that could lead to leaks, clean out drains, and attend to additional steps that will improve your HVAC unit’s efficiency and performance. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today for a complete HVAC unit inspection.